Letter to the Editor

Family appreciates benefit efforts

Sunday, June 3, 2007

To the editor:I want to thank every member of the community who participated in a pair of recent benefits and silent auctions held for my father, Carl Fledderman, who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and is not able to work. These benefits were at the Plaza Convention Center and Port Cape Restaurant. Both benefits were a success and an extremely kind gesture put together by close friends of my family.

Although my family has not been a member of the community our entire lives, I couldn't tell the difference with the outcome and generosity by everyone who attended. None of this would have been possible without the diligence and tenacity of Amy O'Kelly, Marilyn Pind and Kelly Hartman.

I would also like to thank Doc Cain, owner of Port Cape, for donating the use of his fine establishment and the stage for the bands that volunteered and for donating the food and servers who participated. I also want to give recognition and gratitude to Bruce Zimmerman, the band Mid Life Crisis and the Micah Evans Project for volunteering their time.

This is an extremely tough time for my family, and we can only hope and pray for as much time with my father as we can get. These two benefits were more than just a display of generosity and kindness, but a show of how a community can come together and help a friend and a pillar of the community in need.

ERIC K. FLEDDERMAN, March Air Reserve Base, Calif.