Out of the past 5/27/07

Sunday, May 27, 2007

25 years ago: May 27, 1982

The Southeast Missouri State University Board of Regents approves a motion to put the Ben F. Hunter cabin on the university farm property near Old McKendree Chapel; the cabin, built in 1854, is near Sikeston, Mo., and was donated to the university by the Handy Moore family of Sikeston.

Plans for a war memorial to be erected in Cape County Farm Park are unveiled by the County Court; the $18,000 memorial will be financed by seven Cape Girardeau and Jackson service organizations.

50 years ago: May 27, 1957

A step back from Good Hope Street in Cape Girardeau into the parkway at the Missouri Pacific Railroad overpass plunges Corrine Morrison, 57, into a hole 10 feet deep; she isn't seriously injured in the sudden drop, but is taken by police to Saint Francis Hospital for examination.

KENNETT, Mo. -- Crop-destroying water covers 100,000 acres in Southeast Missouri's Bootheel and two Arkansas counties for the third straight day; in Southeast Missouri alone, damage to cotton, corn, soybeans and winter wheat is estimated at more than $15 million.

75 years ago: May 27, 1932

Three federal prohibition investigators who say they smelled beer are credited with the coup that resulted yesterday in a raid on a brewery at Appleton and the subsequent seizure of more than 5,000 gallons of beer; the brewery, established 75 years ago and which did a flourishing business until Prohibition, has fallen under the scrutiny of dry agents before and has been under close surveillance for some time.

Workers are remodeling a portion of the F.W. Woolworth & Co. Building, 1 N. Main St. in Cape Girardeau, occupied by the confections department; old fixtures will be replaced, and the department enlarged.

100 years ago: May 27, 1907

The Broadway Boys, formerly the Broadway Bums until their sweethearts protested, went over to Jackson yesterday to play the Millersville Stars; that is to say, the Cape Girardeau baseballers fooled around and did not really play; they fell to the Millersville crew 23-6.

Rebecca Houck purchases a fine pacer from Allen Kimmel, paying $250 for the horse.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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