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Speak Out 5/27/07

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Eye-opening protest

I WANT to thank the Jackson Knights of Columbus for sponsoring a trip to Granite City. We stood in front of an abortion clinic and prayed. It was an eye-opening and emotional experience. That day alone, more than 33 girls went in to abort their babies. Thankfully, three girls spoke with a woman who provides a mobile ultrasound machine. The girls were able to see the life growing inside them, and they chose to keep their babies. I encourage everyone to attend a peaceful protest like we did. You will never be the same. Thank you.

Attention for autism

I WAS appalled by the comment saying autism does not deserve greater attention than other diseases. Autism has not received more attention. Autism is more prevalent than any other disorder, with stats being 1 in 150, yet autism receives less funding, less attention and fewer services than any other disorder. I am in no way discrediting any other disorder. But try being the parent of a child with this disorder and having to pay for everything because insurance does not cover anything. I know what a tragedy autism can be, and I know what a tragedy cancer can be. Neither is good, and both are deserving of all the help and awareness there can be. The difference is cancer gets it and autism doesn't.

ID concerns

THE NATIONAL Animal ID program is anything but what the U.S. Department of Agriculture is presenting. Would you like to have to register your home with a federal agency and have them require you to buy equipment to tag and track your movements? Our animals don't live in a vacuum. Where they go, we go. Would you like to have to pay for the privilege of reporting your movements? If you have ever signed up for a USDA program, you know that the good programs are the best-kept secrets in government. You have to go to the office and ask about them. Why is this one being pushed and why was it originally mandatory? There has been no cost analysis. The cooperative agreement to do it has only just been announced. The field trials are not on small farms but on the large farms that already tag and track. What is the impact on small farms? What is the impact on sale barns, feed stores and large animal veterinarians? You guessed it. We will all be history just like the small pig farms, dairies and chicken farms that are no longer in existence. The USDA needs to get out of its offices and find out how most farmers live. It needs to look at its own statistics. Most of us make less than $10,000 a year. Their own forms consider a "limited resource" farm one that makes less than $100,000 a year. If I made that, I would be doing great.

Fuel motivation

THE COMMENT that American drivers are not cutting back due to rising gasoline prices is deceiving. Almost everyone is griping about rising gas and food prices. But drive by any high school in this area and you'll see that record numbers of kids who could easily ride the bus are driving their cars. Cape Girardeau and Jackson are small enough that people could easily carpool. What about putting out your own vegetable garden? Our family started gardening a few years ago, and we grow enough vegetables that the only vegetable we purchase the entire year is potatoes. Drive by a fitness center and see how many people drove to get there so they could walk around the track! Why not walk around the neighborhood, especially since many Cape Girardeau neighborhoods have sidewalks now? There is plenty that could be done if people were motivated enough to get to work.

How much longer?

IT'S ANOTHER day, and another handful of U.S. soldiers died today in Iraq. The same thing happened yesterday and the day before. How much longer will we continue to allow the future of our country continue to trickle away in a war that increasingly has little value, no recourse and no further options other than to assuage the stupidity that is the basis of all wars?

Support the sheriff

THE SHERIFF of Scott County is sending a silent message to all citizens of Scott County by showing how hard the sheriff's department really works. Look at how many drug arrests they have made with the shortage of deputies. Pass the tax next time, and I bet the Scott County Sheriff's Department will be able to do even better. They have two deputies on, sometimes one, to cover the entire county. On top of their daily activities and patrols, these deputies are supporting municipal officers in Sikeston, Oran, Chaffee, Morley and Miner and cover all other towns themselves. I support the sheriff's department and hope others will change their minds and do the same.

Keeping us safe

I WOULD like to thank our law enforcement for the crackdown on alcohol. They spend their holiday keeping us safe by keeping these dangers off the roads, lakes and rivers. I hope judges will follow through with zero-tolerance policy. Keep up the good work. Thank you again.

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Kudos to the Knights Of Columbus. Abortion is slowly destroying America. The last stats I have seen show more than 3,700 abortions take place in this country every day with over 90 percent of them done for convenience. That equates to over 23,000 per week and more than one million two hundred thousand every year. We kill more than the population of a major city every year.

Every day more babies are murdered than all American fatalities in Iraq since the beginning of the war. Where is the outrage from the "peaceniks"? Also, we wonder why there are no people to work opening up the market to illegals and outsourcing.

-- Posted by Balmy on Sun, May 27, 2007, at 1:52 PM

Hey, just think of the lives saved if those protesting the war because of loss of life would begin to protest abortion to protect those lives!

-- Posted by KingsKid on Sun, May 27, 2007, at 3:17 PM

We must protect the cute, darling little fetuses. US soldiers, Iraqi civilians, mentally retarded death row inmates... These people do not matter. I would rather see 100,000 of them brutally slaughtered than one sweet, adorable little 3-month unconscious conglomeration of cells in a uterus disseminated.

-- Posted by godblessmurrika on Sun, May 27, 2007, at 3:33 PM

My wife Bertha just squeezed out her 27th little miracle of Jesus, Ashleee Morgyn Princess, and even though all our kids have rickets and typhoid and we're living in a squalid, filthy pile of American flags, yellow-ribbon bumper stickers and NASCAR memorabilia, each of our children is still precious and valuable, much like a 9/11 commemorative plate with a picture of an eagle crying on it, even if they're all going to end up working at a gas station and hating their life someday.

How dare those peacenik liberals worry about things like fighting poverty and ending war? George Bush told me on the TV the other day that everything was OK in Iraq, and I believe him. We must protect the fetuses!

-- Posted by godblessmurrika on Sun, May 27, 2007, at 3:39 PM

Well, it's not against my religion, so abort away!

-- Posted by Weszor on Sun, May 27, 2007, at 3:40 PM

Also, GBM, you sound like you would be an SA Goon, and for that you are cool in my book.

-- Posted by Weszor on Sun, May 27, 2007, at 3:41 PM

Just think about this GBM and Weszor, If you had been aborted, you would not have the opportunity to show you level of intellect to the world. If not you, then who would fill your shoes?

-- Posted by Balmy on Sun, May 27, 2007, at 10:56 PM

Calling a three month fetus a "conglomeration of cells" is not accurate. At that age the child already has a beating heart. Not only does it have arms and legs but they are actually moving. That movement becomes noticeable to the mother only a month later. At three months even the digestive organs are beginning function. This ignorance is why so many people are pro-abortion. Most don't know what it is that they are killing. I am the youngest of six children. My mother was 16 and father was 18 when they were married. My mother went to the 8th grade and Dad went to the 6th grade. We all grew up in a two bedroom house. By all rights I would have been "terminated" by most as an unwanted child. I don't work at a gas station. I don't have "rickets". I don't hate my life. I do have a BA from Columbia and I have been blessed to give my children much more than I had. Educate youself to the issue.

-- Posted by Donnie on Mon, May 28, 2007, at 7:58 AM

I was confronted with a difficult decision about 6 1/2 years ago when I found out that I was pregnant with my second child. I was 20 unmarried and the father stated that the only thing that he would ever pay for (for the child) was an abortion. In a moment of sheer stupidity I went to a clinic to have it done. I had all the testing. When it came to the ultrasound to see where the pregnancy was they showed me the screen. I saw the little blink that I knew was the heart and broke down and cried and did not go through with it. I am so glad today that I didn't because BOTH of my children bring me so much joy and love. I never know what it was like to love someone so much that it hurt until I had them. I think about what my life would be without them or without just one of them and I can't. Sure I may be in college and have a doctorate and have more money but I that doesn't compare to the love a joy that only a child can bring. Times are hard when you have them especially two they fight they argue they hit kick whine cry and fuss but that one moment that little 4 word phrase that they utter makes it all worth it. When they say "I love you mommy" melts my heart. For every hardship I endured as a single parent there is a tender memory or moment to counter it. I know I am by far the perfect parent but I got a darn good start in being a good parent keeping my babies and raising them at whatever cost I had to go through and whatever trial I had to deal with. I now know what love truly is everytime I look into the eyes of my daughter or my son.

-- Posted by NickeyB63780 on Mon, May 28, 2007, at 11:02 AM

God bless you and your children Nickey LB. It would be great if every person advocating abortion had to go and participate in taking one of these lives. I believe most of them would come away with a different mentality on this issue. However, there will always be some who agree with the Hitler Doctrine (survival of the fittest). That is one of the big reasons we should never have national health care. We have too many of these pinheads leading our country. (First the unborn and then next the feeble and elderly).

I also believe GBM and Weszor are intentionally attempting to provoke with their outrageous comments. Hopefully their IQ is greater than their writings portray them to be.

-- Posted by Balmy on Mon, May 28, 2007, at 12:11 PM

33 people had abortions that day? Sounds like you guys weren't praying hard enough!

-- Posted by FriendO on Mon, May 28, 2007, at 12:39 PM

Hey Trimetrov,

You are always invited to join in on the prayers. God works in mysterious ways. Who knows, maybe he can work through you and your prayers to convince people not to kill innocent babies for their own convenience

-- Posted by Balmy on Mon, May 28, 2007, at 4:43 PM

Yes Balmy, if enough people believe in it it's gotta work right? Just like Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny. Sunshine & rainbows make the world go round.

I'll let you figure out how we take care of (as you state) 1.08 million extra (unwanted) people a year, cause their parents aren't gonna.

-- Posted by FriendO on Tue, May 29, 2007, at 2:11 AM

Just think if those 23,000 unwanted babies per week WERE born. That'd be at least 10,000 nationwide news stories per week about a mother/father killing their baby, because they couldn't "handle" it. You bible people say that it's wrong to kill babies with a heart beat, etc... however, in the bible it says that all those babies/children are going to heaven anyway, so why not let them go straight there, rather than live a life knowing their mommy and daddy didn't want anything to do with them.

-- Posted by Jargon on Tue, May 29, 2007, at 2:06 PM

I am by far a bible thumper or bible person. I have not stepped foot in a church in so long I can't remember except for a wedding. I didn't even get married in a church. I still think that it is wrong to kill a fetus. Basically what I am getting from you people is that what Scott Peterson did was justified (killing his wife and unborn child) because he didn't want them. There are SO MANY people in this world that CAN'T have children. Why kill them and give them no chance at life when u can always put them up for adoption and a loving family will take care of them?

-- Posted by NickeyB63780 on Tue, May 29, 2007, at 9:55 PM

Let's see If I understand Jargon and Timetrov correctly" If you are not wanted and may be an inconvenience to society, you should be eliminated.

If that is the rationale application, who is next on your list, the mentally and physically disabled? perhaps the elderly and feeble? If you have not read the book WINTERFLIGHT, perhaps you should. You would have assimilated nicely with the Hitler Regime.

Your approach this problem appears to be agnostic or atheistic. If so, I will say this to you. If I am wrong on my views of preserving and protecting innocent human life, I have nothing to lose. If you are wrong UMMMMMMMM!!!

Like Nickey, I am not a bible thumper but I do believe in the sanctity of human life.

-- Posted by Balmy on Wed, May 30, 2007, at 12:01 AM

I really dont know where I stand on the whole abortion issue. But I have noticed one thing. Most people that are pro-life are also pro-war. That does not make n e sense to me. Can someone explain why you would want to save a baby because they have all the opportunity in the world to do great things, but once they turn 18 does the opportunity go away and suddenly we can send them overseas to be killed?

-- Posted by bluejay2003 on Wed, May 30, 2007, at 12:02 PM

I am glad that you said that keyword MOST bluejay because although I am prolife I am against war for unjust and unfounded reasons. The LAST thing that I want to do is when my son turns 18 send him off to the military and have him become a drone. I know not all become that way but quite a few do and others come back so screwed up its not even funny. I support our troops yes but especially the war that wages as we speak I am against it because it is for financial gain and only happening to ensure that our so-called president can line his pockets when he is FINALLY out of office. Its like a late great uncle of mine said when the Democrats are in we have money but when the Repbulicans are in we are poor and ladies and gentlemen I do not know how much poorer I can get. I want to stress though I support our troops they are there mostly because they HAVE NO CHOICE which is the way a pregnancy should be you live through it and you have that beautiful life and if you can't handle it put it up for adoption and give it to someone who can and will. Murder is murder when it comes to a child and NO ONE and I mean NO ONE can give a LEGITIMATE excuse as to why. If you're crazy you have NO BUSINESS procreating so you CAN'T use that as an excuse. As far as the mentally challenged and elderly go, My grandparents are not old they are 66 and 69 and still as young as they want to be and I thank GOD everyday that I get one more day with them. Has anyone ever spent time with someone mentally chanllenged because I have and have never ever in my life met someone who accepted me for who I am because I smiled at them and did not stare. Life is a gift that is given and can be just as easily taken away. People let the higher powers decide when and where it goes away. It is not up to us. WE are not GOD and we shouldn't play Him either.

-- Posted by NickeyB63780 on Wed, May 30, 2007, at 4:49 PM

People who are truly pro-life believe that life starts at Conception and ends in Natural Death. Also, the wonderful thing about having faith is that you are not limited to one prayer. You can pray for unborn babies AND soldiers sent off to war and anything else that's on your mind. You can also thank God for all of the blessings in your own life.

-- Posted by Al Swearengen on Thu, May 31, 2007, at 10:28 AM

Limiting the number of pets one should own is very good as long as they are controled. Unlike a pet owner in Ashland Court. They let there dog out then go back into there house to let there dogs run to where ever. Leaving there piles in what ever lawn they choose. If you are outdoors the dogs run up to you as if they are going to attact causing my 6yr old to run in fear back indoors. We have tried most of all the lawn treatments in the atempt to somehow keep the dogs from running up in our lawn. With no success. So putting numbers on animal ownership is fine and well. But it would be so nice to have a bit of control over the animals behavior or where they leave there piles of mess.

Thank you

-- Posted by SirRobert on Sat, Jun 2, 2007, at 8:12 AM

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