Speak Out 5/23/07

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Not a gift

CHILDREN ARE not a "gift from God as a blessing." They are a product of a man and a woman doing what is natural: unprotected sex. What about all the starving children in Africa and other Third World countries that wind up starving and dying? Are they gifts from God? Some gift. Some God.

Down the tubes

TODAY'S GASOLINE prices are going to destroy families. The price of gas keeps rising along with food prices, but not your pay. It will not be economical to have a job pretty soon. This country is going down the tubes fast. The terrorists have more than one way to get the Americans. They are doing it right now by bankrupting us with the price of their oil.

Party condition

COLUMNIST JONAH Goldberg opined that the Democrats have a serious problem. That may be, but at least their condition is not that of the GOP, which can best be described as terminal.

Save a life

ARE WE, as a society, in such a hurry that we can't slow down for traffic lights, stop signs, emergency vehicles or in parking lots? The price you pay is financial, but it is also physical. There are more things in life then "What about me?" Slow down. Save a life. It could be yours.

A dog's life

ONGOING SPEAK Out paeans to puppies and dogs remind me of Ambrose Bierce's view that "dogs are a kind of additional Deity designed to catch the overflow and surplus of the world's worship."

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