Letter to the Editor

Trickle-down hate is spreading

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

To the editor:Most of us became aware of trickle-down economics during President Reagan's administration.

It was the political left's way to ridicule his economic policies. Regardless of the economic boom, resulting in one of the biggest growth periods in history, the left was successful in dissuading many of its ineffectiveness.

The liberal media and the Democratic Party are vigorously practicing trickle-down hate, and they are succeeding.

We only know what we see, read, hear or know from personal experience.

If you get all your news from an 18-minute newscast from ABC, CBS or NBC or stay riveted to CNN, your are not getting the news. You are being indoctrinated.

When elected Democratic leaders in Congress have lost all pretense to proper decorum for the office of president and publicly call him a liar, when leading Democrats around the country -- along with show-business personalities -- continue to voice their open hatred of the president through every medium available, then is it any wonder that many of our citizens will start believing it?

To believe that this trickle-down hate is not permeating our society is to say that the billions spent on advertising is wasted.

Advertising works, and so does trickle-down hate. How could it be otherwise?

GENE N. ISOM, Olive Branch, Ill.