Speak Out 10/2/03

Thursday, October 2, 2003

U.S. must pay

SINCE A gullible U.S. Congress and population allowed our president to attack Iraq largely alone, regrettably, it is assuredly the responsibility of the U.S. to rebuild that nation. If I crash into your car, I don't expect my neighbors to foot the bill. The pity is that the cost does not fall upon those who supported this immoral and illegal war rather than those opposing it all along.

Overweight kids

I DON'T think it's that the kids have more homework at all, nor do I think our diets are the same today. I'm in my 50s, and we ate when we were hungry. Kids today eat to get a toy. They eat a lot of fast foods because mom is trying to hold a job, as well as doing everything a stay-at-home mom has done for years. I also think kids are way too wrapped up in TV and video games to get out of the house and exercise. Of course, with crime the way it is, you wonder if it's safe for them to go outside.

Doesn't always work

ENCOURAGING MARRIAGE? Some mothers don't want to get married or don't have time to have a relationship because they have children and a job. Everyone has to admit that marriage is not for everyone. Also, what about those who have children, are working and going to school to better their lives? You also have take into consideration culture, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

He warned us

ON TUESDAY, members of the Iraqi Governing Council (our puppet government) contradicted Secretary of State Colin Powell's optimistic timetable for self-government. They claim it will take up to 18 months to ratify a constitution, thus extending the U.S. occupation into 2005. This is far longer than senior administration members suggested just last week. It is also exactly what President Bush's father warned might happen.

Good bands

I THINK it's great the Show Me Center is bringing more popular bands to Cape Girardeau. Keep it up. Here are a few bands you also need to try to book: Fleetwood Mac, Lynard Skynard, Metallica, AC/DC, Def Leppard (for the third time), Creed and Ozzy. Give the people what they want, and you will have a better turnout. Big name country artists would be good too, and good, big-name comedians also like Bill Cosby again, Ray Romano, Jeff Foxworthy, etc.

Excellent review

DAVID LIMBAUGH'S excellent review of Laura Ingraham's book "Shut Up and Sing" noted her criticism of "outspoken Hollywood entertainment types." As a point of clarification, one suspects that neither Ingraham nor Limbaugh want what appears to be a blanket condemnation of Hollywood to extend to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

'Kindergarten Cop'

THE SUSPENSION from school of a 5-year-old youngster could be turned from a potentially embarrassing situation into a positive one by featuring the Cape Girardeau Public Schools in part two of "Kindergarten Cop."

Don't repeat

DURING WORLD War II, we decided that no one of Japanese decent could be trusted and then rounded them up into internment camps for their "protection." Our government has since apologized for this racist overreaction. Now people are rationalizing racist responses to Arabs and Muslims. We should strive to not repeat our mistakes.

Need the money

SEVERAL YEARS ago, Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon shamelessly abdicated his responsibilities in litigation against tobacco companies by allowing his attorney friends/supporters/contributors to take the case. They hauled in $111 million in legal fees. The state could have certainly used that money now.

True colors

SO NOW the Bush administration is really revealing its colors. Instead of camouflaging its anti-environmental policy in national energy needs or national security, they now want to destroy our national lands by allowing off-road vehicles to tear them up. This is destruction just for the pure fun of it.

Stop the buck

HARRY TRUMAN had a plaque on his desk with the inscription: "The buck stops here." Just as Gray Davis has tried to shirk any responsibility for California's woes, the SEMO administration denies that their mismanagement and lack of vision has contributed to SEMO's fiscal problems. It is time for a new Republican governor to appoint a new board of regents.

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