Letter to the Editor

Ethanol plants will be regulated

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

To the editor:Isn't it sad when a person yells "Fire!" and there is no smoke, but everyone runs? In Scott City, Monty Keesee is the culprit. He uses words like ozone, CO2, cancer and enormous truck and train traffic to put this town on edge about the proposed ethanol plant to be built at the Southeast Missouri Port. Now our mayor, Tim Porch, who hasn't said or done anything wrong, is getting slammed.

Don't worry Mayor Porch, some of us have common sense here in our fine city.

The only reason Keesee opposes the proposed plant is that he lives a short distance from the port. What about the nearby fuel depot? I would be more worried about that with all the fuel and pipelines around the area. The ethanol plant will have guidelines set by the EPA.

I was born and raised outside of Houston. An Exxon refinery was in our backyard. I'm 42 and in great health. I have two eyes, ears, legs and arms, plus 10 fingers and toes. And one head.

My grandfather worked at Exxon for over 40 years and lived to be 94. Oil refineries have a bigger impact on health and air quality than what this ethanol plant will.

I encourage all to take the trip to see an existing plant at Malta Bend, Mo., and ask questions. Then form your own opinion. This plant could mean more economic growth and employment to the area.

BILL BARON, Scott City