Warner's wife returns to the airwaves

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

ST. LOUIS -- The wife of benched St. Louis Rams quarterback Kurt Warner sounded off again on Monday, saying in a radio interview that a trade would be welcomed after the season if the situation stayed the same.

Last season, Brenda Warner called a radio show to complain that she -- and not coach Mike Martz -- had suggested that the two-time MVP have his injured hand X-rayed. The X-ray revealed a broken hand that Warner had been playing with.

On Monday, Brenda Warner told radio personalities "Steve and D.C." on The Mall, 104.1 FM in St. Louis, that her husband wouldn't mind changing teams.

"Probably, just from the point that we want to play, he wants to play, plain and simple," Brenda Warner said. "So, if he's not going to play here, then he wants to play somewhere.

"You just want to be wanted, like anybody, whether you're a D.J. or whatever you do."

Marc Bulger has started ahead of Warner the last two weeks, although Martz said at the time of the change that it wasn't necessarily permanent. Brenda Warner reiterated that a new city would be fine if her husband, who missed the second game of the season with a concussion, doesn't get his starting job back.

"So you know what?" Brenda Warner said. "We're open for anything. We've always said we trust God in everything that happens for us. This is one of the things that we've got, again, to put our trust in Him and know that He'll take care of us."

Kurt Warner told television station KSDK, for whom he's paid for weekly interviews, that he's beginning to think about life after the Rams.

"I'm starting to imagine it a little more every day, I think," Warner said. "It's not something I think about often, it's not something I want to transpire.

"But with the way it looks like ... the direction of this team is going, it's a distinct possibility."

Last December, Brenda Warner called KFNS, 590 AM, to complain her husband had his broken hand X-rayed at her suggestion.

"Martz had nothing to do with it," Brenda Warner said then. "All week long I said, 'Kurt, I'm a nurse, you should go get it X-rayed.' The doctors never once said he should get an X-ray. (They) said, 'No, it's only bruised."'

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