Speak Out 9/29/03

Monday, September 29, 2003

Too much money

I JUST read an article criticizing the amount of Weed and Seed money being spend on workshops, and I agree with Congresswoman Emerson. But she should find a way to justify her all trips to Cuba.

Good calls

I AM so glad to see so many people calling Speak Out to say they will not be voting for Republicans in the next election. It is obvious that the GOP is interested in two things: making sure they get the contracts for the oil in Iraq and keeping as many Americans as possible near the poverty level or below it. I would rather be called a "tax and spender" than a "deficit spender."

Spelling counts

AS A Jackson Junior High English teacher, I can assure one caller that I do grade students for spelling. If you are concerned about what the teachers are doing, then you might want to talk to the teacher. Maybe they don't grade for spelling on all assignments but on others.

It's wrong

THANK YOU, Ms. Emerson, for talking about this Weed and Seed program. I have never seen a program yet that people didn't take improper advantage of. This is wrong, and I think they should discontinue it.

Open the street

WHY ARE we keeping the street closed under the bridge? That bridge is completed. It's time to open up Aquamsi Street up.

Slow it down

A SMALL red car driven by a young person speeds on Edgewood frequently. Monday afternoon on the 200 block, about 2 p.m., that person practically made a U-turn in a yard. Please slow down, because someone is going to get hurt.

Mayor is good

RECENTLY I have read several negative remarks about our mayor and his abilities. I would like to neutralize these comments and say that I think that he is a competent mayor and most cooperative.

Clean it up

HOW LONG does Jackson allow building materials to be left on the street? A long stack of big stones have been on the street on the corner of Gerald and Highland, and not even a warning sign has been there for two weeks.

Make change first

I READ with interest the article about the hiring process followed for the municipal judge vacancy. It stated that the council should have changed the ordinance requiring residence immediately after Kim Price's resignation to avoid criticism following hiring of a nonresident. It seems to me that this is a suggestion that the mayor and the council should have sneaked the hiring truth through the back door. It also suggests that the mayor and the council knew all along that they were going to hire a non-resident and goofed when they did not change the ordinance first. It makes an even stronger impression that Cape Girardeau residents were to be hoodwinked. I suggest that the only solution is to withdraw the job offer, reinstate the ordinance and reopen the job. Only if no qualified Cape resident can be found should a nonresident should be found, and only then the problem would be finished.

Be ashamed

THE PERSON who called in and referred to bikers as "lowlifes" should be ashamed of themselves. I have known many tattooed bikers, and every one of them has been a kind and sincere person. They would go out of their way to help someone in need. Would you do that, Mr. or Ms. Speak Out Caller?

Comparing programs

TEN YEARS ago, Southeast was one of the best regional universities in the state. Now, most knowledgeable observers agree that Truman State and Southwest have surpassed SEMO. While SEMO has focused on students at risk, Division I athletics, urban renewal for downtown Cape, etc., Southwest and Truman State have emphasized academics. Now the leadership is cutting academics to further subsidize their pet projects. What will a SEMO degree be worth in another 10 years?

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