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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Deceiving looks

TO THE person who feels that people who ride motorcycles are just a bunch of Hell's Angels: Men and women ride for various reasons, not so that they look like a bunch of druggies. There are people from all levels of life out there. I feel that you are looking at them with a very narrow mind. Bikers do a lot of good for their communities through toy runs, blood drives, fund raisers and, yes, they get together and have a good time at rallies and on runs. You should remember that there is good and bad everywhere in society. Just because someone looks like they are out to raise heck doesn't mean they are.

God wouldn't approve

IRAQ WAS a threat to us in Desert Storm, invading another country, taking the oil that our country needs and then setting fire to the oil fields. This is a country that has been a threat. I don't think God approves wastefulness and just burning something because you are not getting your way.

They had them

TO THE Democrats whining about the weapons of mass destruction. Everyone in Iraq said they had them, and Iraq disclosed the score of poisons to the U.N. weapons inspectors. Even Clinton said they did. We may never know where they are, but if you want to win an election so bad, some will try any deception for victory. To hell with the country and the truth.

Recall the president

IF THERE should be any recalling of the politicians, it should be of President Bush. He is by far the worst president this country has ever had.

Tell the story

AFTER READING and seeing all the press coverage about Iraq, I have a few questions. Where are the stories about all the great things that our military has done in Iraq? Where is the coverage about all the schools and soccer fields that our military has built for people of Iraq? What about the fact that Iraqi schools have desks and chairs rather than sitting on the floor? Where are the stories about the railroad up and running in Iraq for the first time since 1991? Will the media ever tell us about the water and electricity that has been restored? Has the media ever told us how the Iraqi people are helping our troops hunt down Saddam loyalists? The sad fact is that the press will never show us all the success we are having in Iraq. That would make President Bush look too good.

Don't pay

I DON'T know why our president has promised to pay for cleaning up in Iraq. After all the damage they did to us on 9-11, they aren't the ones who have to pay for the cleanup in our country, and we are losing our men over there every day. So many people are out of work here.

Thanks, Callie

I THANK Callie Clark for her well-written article exposing the local school districts for their inability to produce efficient, college-ready students. The schools continue to stress that the average students are more important, and they must meet their needs. When will they meet the needs of the intellectually gifted students instead of making them lower their abilities and sit in with the masses? It's time for parents to get up and fight for their children.

Great job, gang

TO OUR volunteer director Marge and managers of the gift shop at Southeast Missouri Hospital, Peg and Linda, the banquet was so festive. You did a grand job.

Leave it alone

WHAT WORKS for Brentwood works for them, but in Jackson, we are used to Homecomers on the streets and in the shadow of our lovely courthouse so that we can enjoy evening talent shows. I would encourage those who go in the day time to support Homecomers and the local businesses and, at night, these businesses are not doing business anyway.

Great team


No moving

THIS IS for the communist who wants to move Homecomers to the park. Keep it on the street, it has always been there, and it's the best place.

Thanks for help

WHILE SHOPPING at Wal-Mart Wednesday, I locked my keys in my car. A very nice guy named Rod who works in the grocery department took the time to help me and got my door opened. I could have had to call a locksmith. I just want to say a big thank you to Rod.

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