Speak Out 9/26/03

Friday, September 26, 2003

Go to McClure

SOMEONE WAS talking about the tall weeds and junk cars around property in Cape. Well, if you want to see more, go through McClure. I travel through that road every day and, oh my, those weeds on that main street are terrible. All those weeds and junk cars and all kinds of trash in those yards. What a disgrace. Why can't something be done about that? Where is the county commissioner? If he doesn't want to do anything, go to the health department. That is not a very good environment for the neighbors, I wouldn't think. Looks like there needs to be some cleaning up on that street. And across from the post office, there's another weed patch that needs to be taken care of. Why do property owners let their property look like that?

Vote on C

I'M A parent in Jackson schools, and I'm already getting the election stuff in the mail, telling us to get out and vote on Nov. 4 in the Proposition C rollback. Why is it only when there's an issue relative to budgets that they want people to get out and vote?

Sorry to see

I'M ASHAMED to see that our president asked the United Nations for help after he went against its wishes. I don't have much use for the United Nations. I wish we were not in the organization, but it's a shame we had to go there and beg for help now that we've created the situation we have in Iraq.

Getting a permit

I LIKE concealed weapons, and I will get a permit and carry one. I don't know why these people are so stupid that they can't control themselves. Forty-four other states have this, and nothing has happened. They think people in Missouri are going to get drunk and start shooting each other.

No limits

THE CAPE Girardeau City Council candidate filing process started this week. I surely hope that someone from outside of the city will consider running. After all, they can do away with the laws and restrictions regarding city councilmen if they can do so for a judge.

Shutting up

I'LL SHUT up about being against this war if Jeb Bush's sons go and serve us and volunteer for the cause. Franklin Delano Roosevelt's sons served in the Army and Navy.

Deal with it

I'LL BE applying for a concealed weapons permit. I will not sign any petition to repeal the law. It's been made, let's live with it.

Not role models

PLEASE DON'T tell me of these wonderful motorcyclists and their good deeds, trying to dress like a Hell's Angel, living out the fantasy of lowlifes with their tattoos and dope culture, trashing our society while they're smoking pot and drinking beer in a stinking leather outfit. These are great role models for your children.

Try AA

ED LEONI'S lifestyle-enhancement course attracts students, but is it really a college course? Couldn't students just as easily join AA or go to church or read a self-help book for a lot less waste of taxpayer dollars?

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