Helping food pantries

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

House Speaker Rod Jetton's bill providing tax credits for people or businesses who donate to food pantries becomes law next year. The credits directly reduce the taxes due, providing a larger tax break than the income-tax deductions already allowed for contributions to non-for-profit food pantries.

A credit of half the value of the donation up to $2,500 a year will be allowed. Donations of food or money may be made.

The total statewide tax credits would be capped at $2 million annually. If more than that amount is donated, contributions would be prorated.

Seeing 200 people standing in line for food in his hometown of Marble Hill inspired Jetton to write the legislation. Food pantries do God's work. Every bit of help food pantries can get in their mission of feeding the hungry is needed and deserved.

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