Speak Out 5/9/07

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Pesky dog

WE HAVE a problem in our neighborhood. There is a tiny brown male dog that is driving our neighbors nuts. I don't know if anybody knows who this dog belongs to, but please tell the owners to keep it put up or we will catch it and take it to the humane society. Please be considerate of other neighbors. We're tired of having to chase your dog off, and it won't stay out of our yard.

Successful cleanup

ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL cleanup, fix-up week in Jackson. I want to thank everyone for picking up our junk and thank the city guys for picking up the rest of it.

Marking independence

ONE TEST of how dearly we value our national culture and identity is how we celebrate Independence Day.

Follow the money

MEGA-MEDIA have dubbed Rudy Giuliani and John McCain the GOP front-runners, but thinking voters won't be led down that path. Contributions are not a valid indicator of popular public support. But the media who will harvest most of those big bucks, see "front-runner" on all those moneybags.

Fluorescent effects

NOT EVERYONE can use fluorescent lighting. That kind of lighting gives my son and me extremely bad headaches. Every time we go to a doctor's office or major office building, we leave with a head that is throbbing. Forcing this upon everyone isn't a good idea.

Dangerous dogs

I HAVE lived in Scott City all my life and have been mostly fortunate to have good neighbors. In recent years, our neighborhood in Illmo has gone to the dogs, and I mean literally. I cannot believe that our city officials allow this small community to endanger our children and grandchildren by allowing these so-called pets -- dangerous dogs, i.e. pit bulls and Rottweilers -- to live in town. I have seen them running at large. We need to get these animals out of our community or make their owners responsible. Our children and elderly should be a priority over a beast.

Secular society

THE CLOSING of one of Southeast Missouri State University's campus ministries merely reflects the larger secularization of our society.

Install cameras

I HOPE Cape Girardeau is not too proud to follow Sikeston's lead and will install surveillance cameras in the downtown area ASAP.

It's all there

THE LIST of reasons for going into Iraq are too numerous to list here. The lies from this administration are to long to list here. The limits on rights are too long to list here. But if you have a computer, Google any of these items, and you will be amazed. I was. I didn't believe my friend when he was telling me all this.

Scofflaw drivers

I DON'T understand why so many are upset over the school bus drivers when 95 percent of Missouri drivers roll through stop signs or run red lights. Most Missourians have trouble obeying traffic laws and, when ticketed, whine about the ticket. So, let the perfect driver who never rolls through a stop sign, never runs a red light and never speeds throw the first stone.

Listen to troops

WE KEEP talking about what message we are sending to the troops when we should be paying more attention to the message the troops are sending us. More and more it seems the troops are telling us that the civil war in Iraq is driving them nuts and that, though they are quite willing to do as they're told (as they should be), we need to get the heck out of there.

Restricted access

I ENJOYED your virtual tour of the new federal courthouse. I would like to be able to go there, work out, chew the fat with muckety-mucks, wave to the masses below driving by on Independence Street. However, I fear the only way I'll ever get into that building would be as a defendant.

Listening to doctors

I APPRECIATED the article about U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson's surprise visit to the VA hospital in Poplar Bluff. She was exactly right when she stated that "red tape and the fact that 90 percent of the hospital's doctors are foreign-born and have difficulty speaking -- or understanding -- English are major problems." Why should our veterans fight for our freedom and then have to practically beg for care. These doctors work for the government. In my opinion most of them don't really, care for the veterans. They are getting paid to cut back. They always use the excuse of cutbacks. Many veterans are hard of hearing. My husband has one of the better doctors we have had, but I still have to go in with him to listen for him. We have found that most of the secretaries and nurses are nice and do their job well.

Is anyone listening?

FRIDAY'S "20-20" television program had a special presentation on myths, lies and scams for this year. It was interesting to see that ethanol was No. 1 scam of all. The reporter found it does not make sense to utilize ethanol as a fuel alternative. If the government was not providing subsidies, you would not see this as an alternative fuel. Again the middle class pays for the rich to get richer.

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