Rolling stops

Monday, May 7, 2007

The Jackson School District has a potentially dangerous situation at the intersection of Route Z and a gravel road that leads to the Gordonville Attendance Center. The intersection has a poor line of sight in one direction, and the gravel road curves and slopes upward to meet Route Z. The intersection is difficult to maneuver a lumbering bus through.

Bus drivers have been videotaped rolling through that intersection and others without stopping. The infractions involved at least four drivers.

After receiving complaints from a fired bus driver, the school district has made it clear to drivers that they must obey all traffic laws, but the Southeast Missourian videotaped some drivers rolling through the Route Z intersection after the district issued the warning.

The controversy over rolling stops comes just as six Jackson school bus drivers won awards in a bus safety competition in St. Louis.

We don't think the Jackson School District employs unsafe drivers. We do think the district has to be vigilant about making sure its drivers obey traffic laws.

But some drivers must think stopping at the Route Z intersection is less safe than rolling through. The district needs to consider improving access at the intersection.

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