Speak Out 5/7/07

Monday, May 7, 2007

War history

THIS IS a World War II veteran who thinks all high schools -- public and parochial -- should show one of the following movies: "The Longest Day," "Saving Private Ryan" or "Band of Brothers." If they don't have time to show it during the classroom hour, they can eliminate one basketball game a year to show one of these movies. Most teenagers don't know what happened during World War II. My grandson, who is a grown man now, didn't know that the Russians were our allies during World War II. Teenagers should know what our veterans did to guarantee them freedom of choice.

Policies backfire

THE UNITED States has lost more than 2 million jobs since 1997 as a result of a trade deficit with China, including 27,000 plus jobs lost in Missouri. This is a result of President Clinton's administration, which negotiated the trade pact with China and called it a win for our country. But the exact opposite has occurred. China is rightfully tipping the scales toward its own benefit. It suppresses labor rights, making its workforce at least 50 cents an hour cheaper than under a free market. It's an unfair ball game, and the World Trade Organization helped make the rules. Now the Democrats are in control again, and they're trying to ruin our country in every way they can. They'll probably say it's a benefit for us.

Wipers and lights

I'M TRAVELING between Jackson and Cape Girardeau. Going the same direction, counting us, are 11 cars. Out of those 11 cars, we and one other person have our lights on. The other nine are driving without their lights. It's pouring down rain, and I'm sure their windshield wipers are going. We just passed a police officer in his car at one of the fast-food restaurants. He let all these drivers go by. It is the law to use your lights when you have your windshield wipers going.

Repairing potholes

I READ complaints about potholes in Cape Girardeau. A former employee of the public works department told me the city had purchased a pothole repair machine a few years ago. He said it did a good job if it was used. So why are the potholes not repaired? In the city where I live, we use fuel-tax money to keep streets repaired and do not have any potholes. Cape gets fuel-tax dollars, and shoppers pay sales tax to help pay for streets. Cape streets should be the best in Southeast Missouri.

Ethanol concerns

IT IS amazing to me that the potential risk of multiple ethanol plants in this area doesn't bother people. This is our community, the place we choose to live and raise our children. How is it that a potential health and community threat is not worthy of news coverage? Are our local government and news media bought and paid for by the people backing the ethanol plants? I was taught that elected city officials were supposed to be the voice of the people who elected them. Has this been forgotten? We put our faith in Mayor Tim Porch when we elected him. Now it's time for him to show us that we put our faith in the right man. Protect our children and our community by making decisions based on what the people of Scott City want. Please don't let us down.

Southern substation

THE SCOTT County Sheriff's Department is putting a substation in the outlet mall in Miner, a block from the Miner Police Department and near the New Madrid County line. The word is it's to help the south county deputy better respond to calls. Or is the substation really for the deputies of Scott County having a quicker response from Mississippi County to a station closer than driving to Benton? This is more tax dollars wasted.

Bring them home

IT'S NOT about bringing our boys home. It's not about the Iraqi government taking over for themselves. It's not about making it safe for the United States, which I'm tired of being used for. It's about big business and government contracts. Bring our young men and women home.

Crazy world

WHAT IS going on with children today? School bus stabbings. School shootings. Bomb threats. This world is getting crazy. Before all of this started happening, there were no time-out sessions. Paddles were used at school. Children need to be educated more about their futures and how much it means to their lives. I sometimes wonder why we live the way we do. I think people must pay more attention to what is happening.

Buying from China

AFTER READING a long list of recalled children's toys, barbecue grills and pet food, I see they all have one thing in common: Made in China. Is there a lesson to be learned here? I also read where China will not let the FDA inspect any of its food-manufacturing facilities. So why are we buying from them?

Dangerous exit

MY HUSBAND drives from Cape Girardeau to Sikeston, Mo., five days a week for work. He gets on Interstate 55 at the Jackson exit. He turns into the turn lane to get on I-55, and almost every morning drivers coming from Jackson get on the off ramp and do not slow down for a red light. I am concerned there will be a major accident there. There is a yield sign. Slow down and look.

Hollywood typecasting

I FIND it funny and hypocritical when Republicans routinely bash Hollywood. I guess Hollywood is OK when it involves Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Fred Thompson.

Done in by make-up

OF ALL the TV networks, Fox News has ruined any chance of Fred Thompson becoming president. Preceding an interview on "Hannity and Colmes," the make-up people must have really messed up. He didn't look nearly so good as he did on "Law and Order." He's done for.

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