Assignment: Iraq

Saturday, May 5, 2007
First Lt. Larry Iverson takes a break in Kuwait while a C-130 undergoes maintenance after a mid-air engine failure. (AP Photo/Luke Swistun)

A Marine goes back to Ramadi

In an asap exclusive, Rory Quinn answers your questions from his unique position in Iraq -- as a Marine. CHELSEA J. CARTER introduces the major.

Rory Quinn is in Iraq. Again.

His view is the view of one man on the ground in a country at war. His story is a story of life and work in a far-flung land that seems all too familiar and at the same time is utterly foreign.

More than a year ago, he told his story -- his story of war -- through a series of exclusive dispatches from the front line in Iraq.

Today, he's talking again -- this time to you.

For the next seven months, Quinn will answer your questions about his life in Ramadi and his job as a Marine charged with the care of young men under his command. He will tell you anything and everything you want to know.

To learn more about Quinn take a look at this interactive.


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