Middle school student charged with 2 counts of sexual misconduct

Thursday, May 3, 2007

A Cape Girardeau middle school student allegedly attempted to molest two other students in a bathroom Friday before being detained.

"These are unusual circumstances, we don't see this too often in this age group," said Sgt. Barry Hovis of the Cape Girardeau Police Dept.

Hovis said the male, 13, went into the bathroom near the end of school and found two other students already there. He then reportedly put on a rubber glove and began touching the buttocks of one student who was using the urinal.

When the student protested, he allegedly went into a stall and began doing the same thing to another boy. Both victims notified school officials and the offending student was cited into juvenile custody and charged with two counts of sexual misconduct.

"I know that action has been taken and the safety of the students is of the utmost importance. Having worked in the school, I know they don't want any activity like this happening and based on my understanding, this is not going to be tolerated in the schools," Hovis said.

Superintendent Dr. David Scala said he was aware of the incident and is satisfied it has been taken care of.

Phone calls to middle school principal Frank Ellis were not returned.

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