Letter to the Editor

Learning to think for yourself

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

To the editor:In response to the story "House seeks to rein in 'rogue' teachers": This House bill against rogue teachers sounds vaguely familiar. It reminds me a great deal of Hitler and Saddam Hussein's idea of a curriculum for a college education. There are too many closed minds in society now. Missouri, please don't legislate narrow-mindedness into law.

A college is supposed to expose students to broader horizons and expanded thoughts. If the student is so insecure that he can't listen to new ideas and form his own adult beliefs and opinions, then it's the student who has the real problem. A college is supposed to educate its students to think and believe on their own.

I am a Southeast Missouri State University graduate and am thankful I had the opportunity to learn to think for myself. I was never taught the arrogance that only one way of thinking is acceptable. I don't consider this a "liberal" or "conservative" attitude. I call it being a responsible citizen. The teachers who imposed their beliefs on students with low grades and forced signatures should be censured, but we don't need this law.