Little-used law could expand Cape zoning beyond city limits

Saturday, April 28, 2007

A little-used Missouri statute makes it possible for a city to zone land outside of its limits, and Cape Girardeau may decide to take advantage of the law.

"We're in the process of annexing more ground to the city of Cape Girardeau than we ever have before," said Mayor Jay Knudtson. "As our boundaries grow, the responsible thing to do is make sure we're taking new territory that meets certain minimum standards to sustain long-term growth and long-term maintenance."

According to Missouri Revised Statute 89.145, a constitutional charter city (like Cape Girardeau) with a population greater than 35,000 people (like Cape Girardeau) can enforce regulations governing the zoning, planning and subdivision building on land up to two miles outside its city limits.

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