Letter to the Editor

Frank Ellis: A gift of hope

Sunday, April 29, 2007

To the editor:Central Middle School principal Frank Ellis has been a reinforcement for children who have great parental guidance at home, and he's been hope for those who don't. This man has not just taught our children academics, he's taught their hearts and shaped the attitudes of the adults they will one day be.

If there are faults to be found in his role as principal, it would be these: He practiced teaching instead of politics. He focused on our children, not the parents. He failed to be an administrator only, but was a beacon of hope to impart encouragement and to challenge our children.

We have treated him so disgracefully after he loved our children so unselfishly. We bear this shame.

Frank Ellis is one of the best gifts we could offer our children. He's someone who truly believes in them, challenges them to become more, finds the goodness inside those kids who see themselves only as invaluable and magnifies that in the child's own eyes. What better gift is there for a child? Frank Ellis is more to these kids than a principal. He's a mentor. He's a gift of hope.

The decision to fire Frank Ellis was not made in the best interests of our children. What I know for sure is that our children have been blessed to have had him. Frank Ellis has my deepest gratitude for all he has given to the youths of our community.

DANA SWOBODA, Cape Girardeau