Book illustrated by Taylor Crowe now available

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Taylor Crowe describes living with high-functioning autism in the final chapter of a book he recently illustrated.

"Being autistic makes lots of things harder for me than for most people. I experienced this while I was growing up, and it's still true," he writes. "But I'm just like everyone else in many ways and I'm capable of many things, capable of being independent in numerous ways."

The book, "Young Adults with Asperger's" is a handbook for parents, teachers, supervisors and co-workers of individuals with autism.

David Krug, the author of the book, is the parent of a young man with Asperger syndrome, which is a variation of autism characterized by marked deficiencies in social skills, obsessive tendencies, preoccupation with specific areas of interest, difficulty adapting to change and difficulties using language in appropriate social contexts.

Crowe provided the cover art and the chapter illustrations. He also wrote the final chapter of the book.

Individuals with autism sometimes display specific skills or areas of ability. Crowe has demonstrated his abilities in painting and drawing since childhood. He will complete his four-year course of study in character animation and will graduate from the California Institute of the Arts in May.

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