Speak Out 4/26/07

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Quality of life

IT IS nice to see Cape Girar-deau County rated high in the quality of life ratings. Sadly, the statistics tell only half of the story. The income gap between those with good-paying jobs and those at the bottom has grown worse. The article laments that "crime rates kept Cape Girardeau from being No. 1." But crime rate increases as a direct result when people feel they have no hope, and the only way to get ahead is to do something illegal. Maybe these thoughts will help us try to bring opportunities for the have-nots so quality of life will be good for all citizens.

Paying the price

AFTER A token admission that Don Imus shouldn't have said what he said, David Limbaugh proceeded to verbally attack those who intervened on behalf of the Rutgers female basketball players. Limbaugh and others continue to go to the well on this bait-and-switch argument to an extremely tiresome degree. Imus chose to insult neither the powerful nor the public figures among us and paid a well-deserved price.

Driven by consumers

ONE OF the main reasons gangsta rap is tolerated in our society is that main consumers are white teens. Huge numbers of them love it.

Dogs in cemetery

THIS IS to the pet owners who take their dogs to do their bathroom duties in a cemetery. How rude, crude and disgraceful. Do what the rest of us do. Have a place in your own yard for them to do their business, then pick it up.

Replace stop sign

WHEN IS Cape Girardeau going to replace the stop sign at the corner of Ellis and North streets? The sign has been gone for weeks. I hope Cape replaces it before someone has a senseless accident.

Gun rights

I URGE all gun owners to urge their federal legislators to vote against House Resolution 1022, which is a new version of President Clinton's ban on assault weapons that gives the attorney general sweeping powers to determine which guns are included. Let's support our Second Amendment rights.

Loss of courtesy

WHAT HAS happened to the American people in the last five years? They used to be courteous and thoughtful of other people. They used to drive at least close to the speed limit. They used to not run stop signs and red lights. They used to not cut in front of you without using their blinkers. Can't people show some common courtesy anymore? It has really changed in the last five years.

Drug bust

I WOULD just like to thank the Cape Girardeau Police Department and the Cape County Sheriff's Department for taking down another drug dealer. They've done a good job. Thank you.

Time to go

WHEN IT came out that U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales could not recall what went on or many of the meetings he attended, he gave the answer "I do not recall" 71 times to a Senate committee. He should resign immediately, because there's something drastically wrong with his mental capacity.

Scott County problems

AFTER READING the Missourian and finding out that the charges against the Chaffee, Mo., police officer Daniel Ayers have been dropped by the Scott County prosecuting attorney, Paul Boyd, it's clear that we've got a problem in Scott County with our prosecuting attorney and also our sheriff. They can't get it right these days.

Not rocket science

YOU SHOULD not have to go through your carry-out orders to find your plastic utensils or make sure everything is there. That makes your food cold before you get home. There are people being paid to do that job. It is not rocket science.

Thanks for help

WITH ALL that's happened, I remember how lucky I was that we still have people who care. On April 4, my husband took a terrible fall at Bloomfield Road where we were getting gas. I want to thank all of the people who helped me, especially the man who covered my husband with a blanket and helped him get to the hospital. He's doing much better. He had a fractured hip. Thank you so much for your help and kindness.

Bringing war home

EVERBODY WANTS to pull out of Iraq, and so we should. The money we are spending there should be spent on homeland security, because that war is not going to end. Like Sen. Kit Bond said, the war will be brought to this land.

Cyclists pay taxes

I'M A bike rider, and I pay personal property tax and property tax. I also pay gasoline tax. I'm taxed just as much as anyone else.

No foreign food

I'D LIKE to know why the United States can't grow its own food. Why do we have to get food from foreign countries? Let's tell the foreign countries to keep their food so we don't poison people or poison our pets. We need to quit buying from the foreign countries -- cars, trucks, clothes, food. Everything ought to be stopped.

Border patrols

OUR DEMOCRAT-controlled Congress has voted to give $50 million-plus to the Palestinians to beef up security patrols in the Gaza Strip. We've got our own border-patrol problem between us and Mexico. We can't afford to give $58 million to another country. Let them beef up their patrols themselves. Nobody's giving us any money to do it.

Seek forgiveness

IN THE April 20 Southeast Missourian was a news article entitled "Virginia Tech gunman's family says it feels hopeless, helpless and lost." A family statement issued on behalf of the family expressed sorrow for such a terrible act. Further in the article, the niece of one of the victims of the massacre is quoted as saying, "I'm not so generous to be able to forgive him for what he did, but I do feel for the family. I do feel sorry for him." It appears that every tragedy -- the Oklahoma bombing, 9-11, school shootings -- the press always quotes someone who can't forgive the perpetrator. How sad those people have to live with this hatred. What a burden. If they never can forgive, they will take it to the grave. Forgive those who hurt us and get on with life. We certainly have hurt others, but God forgives those who seek his forgiveness at the foot of the cross.

Who pays utilities?

WHO'S GOING to pay for the utilities used by the Boys and Girls Club if it moves into the junior high school? I don't think you can require taxpayers to fund the Boys and Girls Club.

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