Letter to the Editor

Activist journalists are dangerous

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

To the editor:The March 23 column by Michael Jensen state that activist journalists are possibly more dangerous than activist judges. He is correct. Activist journalists' biases are far more destructive because of their insidious ability to slowly and subtly change opinions on any given issue. The most effective way is through omission. They omit facts that could give readers the ability to see the issue from any perspective other than their own.

Another way is by slanting an article to the left through the repetitious use of what they hope will be considered derogatory tags, such as "conservative," "right-wing," or "Republican" but never pointing out the extreme political views of the left with whom they agree, giving readers the impression that their left-leaning friends are in the mainstream and never biased.

Most U.S. citizens have been subjected to this left-leaning journalism since World War II. Schools, with the exception of Hillsdale College and a few others, have been infested with liberal professors. Is it any wonder news outlets over the past 50 years have had left-wing biases?

If Jensen is correct that 64 percent of Americans believe the news media have a left-leaning bias and the majority are voting for liberal candidates, it becomes obvious that most Americans have come to the conclusion that socialism is not so bad after all, because that is exactly where the liberal Democratic Party is taking our country. Wake up, America.

GENE N. ISOM, Olive Branch, Ill.