7 sins of high school

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

First of two parts

Two local high school students take a look at the most common "sins" among teens. This week, Delta High School senior Amanda Obermann focuses on cheating, cliques and laziness. Next week, Nicholle Hinkle, a Jackson High School senior, will discuss four additional sins high school students are guilty of committing.


Some of us have been in this situation: We're in the middle of a huge test and we're stumped. This test makes a difference between receiving an A or a B for the class. We may feel tempted to take a peek at our neighbor's paper, even though we know it's wrong. In this instance -- what do you do?

"Cheating is bad -- it's not worth it," said Susannah Green, a junior at Delta High School.

Kayla Foster, a junior at Jackson High School, said although cheating is wrong, she doesn't think teachers will ever be able to put a stop to it.

"People are going to do it because it's the easy way out, and if it beats failing a test or not finishing homework, they're going to do it. Teachers threaten they will punish you but it doesn't stop people from cheating," Foster said.

Regardless of your opinion about cheating, most high school students have probably done it at least once. It may have been as small as needing an answer on last night's homework or as big as cheating on the final exam on a class. No matter the situation -- it's still cheating.

According to an online survey by the Educational Testing Service, 86 percent of high school students have cheated at least once in their lives. The survey found science and math are the subjects that students cheat in the most.

Everyone should be aware that by cheating off someone else's work, you not only hurt yourself but the person who gave you the answers. If you get caught, most schools punish both students.


Every high school has them and chances are most of us are already involved in one whether we realize it or not. Cliques can be a good or bad thing -- depending on the type of people you are hanging with.

I, myself, had always been part of a clique. I feel like I have always been in the good cliques. In grade school, we were the group of girls who thought we were the best. We only hung out with each other on the weekends.

Then came high school. We all drifted apart, or should I say, everyone but me. Most of us went to different high schools except for my best friend at the time. I thought that since we had kept a strong friendship throughout the years, nothing would break up our little clique. To my surprise, I was wrong.

The first few days at my new school, I thought my friend was just looking for new people to join us -- I never really thought there would be the chance that she and I wouldn't hang out like we had in the past.

After a few months, it seemed as if she was gone out of my life. She had her new group of friends so I had to find my own new friends.

Finally, I decided the whole "clique" thing wasn't for me. I hang out with no one in particular and don't want to get caught up in a set group of friends. Sure, I have a few good friends and a boyfriend, but I don't want to feel as if I'm depending on them alone to do things with me on the weekends.


In high school, there is so much we have to do -- get up early for school, sit in class all day, then we've got sports games or other activities to attend after school. By the time we get home at night, most of us aren't thinking about homework -- we just want to get something to eat and go to bed. Is this really right, though? Shouldn't schoolwork come before all these other activities?

Foster believes the older students are lazier than the younger ones.

"This is because our workload gets heavier," she said. "Many of us think that since we have already had a busy day and since we've already done so much, we sometimes feel we shouldn't have to do our homework."

However, homework should always come before other priorities, she said.

I have been guilty of being lazy. Procrastinating might be the better word.

There are many things that I need to do when I get home from school, but I usually decide to talk on the phone or relax. By putting things off, I am procrastinating and being lazy. Homework should always be our main concern during high school.

Amanda Obermann is a senior at Delta High School. She plans to attend college and major in journalism.

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