Scott County tax liens

Monday, September 15, 2003

Scott County tax liens and lien discharges recorded at the office of Tom Dirnberger, Scott County recorder of deeds, during the month of August are filed by the Missouri Department of Revenue except as indicated by IRS designation. For information concerning the dollar amount of the liens, contact the recorder's office at 545-3551.


Keith Koepp, IRS

Jennifer L. Lay (3)

Maxxis Communications Inc.

Clinton D. McAlister

Jessica A. McCain

Darrly W. McKnelley, IRS

Vicki L. McKnelley, IRS

McPheeters Communications Group

Ohio Pacific Express Inc.

Aaron A. Palmer

Matthew Perry

Stephen R. Ray

James E. Ruedrich

Sikeston Transportation Inc., IRS

Debbie Skelton

Scott E. Smith, IRS

Kenneth Snyder

Norma M. Springs

Susan T. Street

Tri-State Fluid Recycling

Wilson Lawn Services


Bruce McClard

Mudsuckers Inc.

Susan L. Neupert

Puritan Medical Products Inc.

Q Audio and Video LLC

James E. Ruedrich

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