Man pleads guilty to making bomb threat

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Jackson man pleaded guilty Monday to making a terroristic threat.

Leotis Silvester Allen, 22, entered the plea before Circuit Judge Benjamin F. Lewis in Cape Girardeau County Circuit Court.

Allen and Duane H. Haffner, 23, were charged with threatening to bomb the Cape Girardeau County Courthouse in Jackson in February.

According to police, they told authorities a man would come to the courthouse at 9 on the morning of Feb. 22 with a bomb in his shoe.

Their plan was for Allen to arrive the courthouse at the appointed time and fall to the ground feigning injury if touched by the police, authorities said.

They then planned to file a civil suit against the police, Allen said in a confession to detectives.

Police arrested them after detectives at the Jackson Police Department recognized the caller's voice.

Haffner previously pleaded guilty to the same charge.

The felonies carry a maximum seven-year prison term.

Morley Swingle, Cape Girar-deau County prosecuting attorney, is recommending a four-year sentence for Allen, to run concurrently with a probation violation, for a crime he called a "stupid caper."

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