Speak Out 4/21/07

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Thanks for cleanup

THANK YOU, city manager Doug Leslie, Mayor Jay Knudtson, council member Charlie Herbst and Cape Girardeau Public Works Department for assisting in getting the mess cleaned up in the front yard of the house on Bloomfield Road. Your work is appreciated.

Time to move forward

IT IS time that the healing process in Scott County begins. All of the political bickering needs to stop, and we need to move forward. There are a lot of good people in Scott County, and they do not deserve all of this bickering. I have lived in Scott County for years, and I have never seen so much coming from our local and county governments. Let's all move forward for the betterment of our communities.

It's all discrimination

THERE IS no such thing as reverse discrimination. Discrimination is discrimination.

Sad opposition

HOW SAD is it when Cape Girardeau residents sign a petition that prevents mentally ill individuals from getting housing because the neighbors are "scared." Most mentally ill patients are people you would not even know are mentally ill. These people are trying the best they can to get back on their feet after being diagnosed with an illness. May you be forgiven for your actions.

It's good for Cape

I GET tired of the whining by Southeast Missouri State University students, faculty and staff who don't want to pay for the River Campus. The River Campus will be good for downtown business, and it will help a part of Cape Girardeau that is poor.

Access to guns

IF 33 people can be gunned down by a foreign national who bought a gun over the counter, what's to stop 20 terrorists from buying assault rifles in our wide-open gun market and creating even greater carnage? It is harder to buy a bottle of cough syrup in the United States than it is a deadly weapon. Now there will be an outcry by those with common sense for practical gun control. But as always, the NRA will block any attempt at remedying this travesty with its army of lobbyists in Washington while the slaughter of our children continues.

Making ends meet

SINCE THE rise in gasoline prices I have had to choose between, gas, food, medical and dental care, clean clothes, rent, cigarettes and car payment. I can't make my bills, and I am a manager in Cape Girardeau. When are the petroleum companies going to realize the poor can't afford these high prices? I hate having to choose between eating, getting well or driving to work. I work 40 to 60 hours a week and still can't afford to see a doctor.

Who you know

I AM tired of people bashing Central Middle School principal Frank Ellis. I met Ellis when I went to May Greene Elementary School. I cannot believe that people are saying he is not a good leader or is not capable of doing his job. As an adult, I still know him to be an assertive leader and knowledgeable of his job. I would be willing to bet my bottom dollar that the ones who do not like him are the ones he refuses to bow to. In this town, it has been and always will be who you know, not what you know. This town will be the destruction of itself for that very reason.

Still the principal

WHAT'S DONE is done. I'm sure all these varied opinions are not helping Central Middle School principal Frank Ellis to finish out the school year at the best of his ability. We need to remember he is still principal, and we need to give him continued support.

Those less fortunate

I took my teenage daughter shopping at the mall. On our way there we saw a homeless person at the off ramp, one sitting by a restaurant eating what looked like someone else's food and one sitting by the parking lot with bags and blankets. It saddened my heart to know that we have so many people in our own backyard that have absolutely nothing, yet we send so much money overseas. I realize these people could get a job, but comments like that are usually from people that have never had to go without. Bless the people who are less fortunate than yourself so that you may be blessed also.

Crime is everywhere

Crime is on the rise in Cape Girardeau. But for anyone to say the crime problem is mainly in the near south side of town is racist. Crime is on the rise in Cape Girardeau. Period.

Dedicated professional

I was very happy to see the article about Dennis Seyer in the paper. I had the pleasure to learn and work with Dennis in the late 1970s and in the 1990s when I returned to Southeast Missouri State University to finish my degree. Dennis is a dedicated and talented theater professional. I feel very lucky to have spent time in the classroom and the set shop with him. Dennis' selfless devotion to the theater and his students will not be forgotten by myself and, I am sure, hundreds of other former students. Kudos and congratulations.

Conspiracy, subversion

Concerning the U.S. attorney general scandal: Let's look at some dictionary definitions. Conspiracy: The secret agreement between two or more people to carry out an unlawful act, especially a political plot. Subversion: The act of subverting, as overthrowing or destroying a legally constituted government. Was there conspiracy? It looks as if that is so. Was there subversion? That also looks to be true. Take the people out of the equation and would you want punishment for someone committing these acts if they weren't in your party? Transparency is the best disinfectant.

A dose of humor

Mark Bliss, your humor brightens days in Southeast Missouri. Who else could take something as bland as grits and turn it into something laughable?

Showing support

I was in Central Junior High School during the walkout. Several students went outside to protest the firing of both principals. Several teachers let the students go. The students who went did not go to get out of class. They truly love Frank Ellis and Debbie Followell and planned to do a second walkout at 2:15 p.m., but the CJHS principal told everyone beforehand that if they went, there would be dire consequences.

Good leadership

No one is questioning whether the administrators at Central Middle School are nice people who care about children. They are good, decent people. They wouldn't be educators if they didn't care about children. However, there are many other qualities required to be an effective leader. Effective leaders are consistent and fair and do not tell everyone what they want to hear. They are proactive and do not wait for someone else to tell them to act. They must often make tough unpopular decisions. I applaud superintendent David Scala and the school board for being good leaders. If you can't get your act together in five years, you most likely never will.

Ask the question

Considering the outpouring of public support for Central Middle School principal Frank Ellis, the question at least needs to be asked. Was Mr. Ellis a victim of institutional racism?

Fire protection

Who will handle the fire protection at the purposed ethanol plants? The fire departments should have a lot of concern if these plants are to be built. The people living close by should understand the evacuation plan if an accident occurs.

Courteous service

Is anyone else wondering what happened to customer service? We have a generation of young people, mostly teenagers who are old enough to work or those of college age, who are practically running businesses and restaurants after 4 p.m. I have found that a majority of them aren't even friendly. Where is the common courtesy? I am only 27, and I was taught to say "Yes, ma'am" and "Yes, sir" and to be respectful of people, especially people older than I. I was in a store a few days ago, and my cashier did not even speak to me except to say "Here you go" when she handed me my receipt. How hard is it to say "Hello" or "Have a nice day" to a customer? Have these young people not been taught any manners?

MAP disruption

The fact the principal at Central Middle School allowed a protest to take place during scheduled MAP testing is one more confirmation to me that the board did the right thing in firing him. Ellis could have discouraged the parents and students from protesting or asked that it be done at another time. What if the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education had been monitoring the school's MAP testing? If the math MAP scores are low again next year because students were distracted by the protest and all the excitement, you know who to thank.

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