Letter to the Editor

Don't let politics shadow support for our freedoms

Thursday, September 18, 2003

To the editor:

When World War II was declared, people went together and fought the war here. We gathered aluminum. We bought war bonds. We did without shoes, sugar, tires and other things. We did these things willingly. The country was behind the war almost 100 percent.

I also remember several boys being sent home to be buried. This was very sad, but most people new it was for the purpose of saving our country. At the end of the war we thought we would never let a vicious person kill people again.

Today we are attacking the president because there is an election coming up. We are throwing away the need we have for saving our country. If the people continue to bash the president, our country will be nothing within 20 years.

The war is terrible, but the Bible speaks of wars and rumors of wars. This seems to be necessary to keep our country a democracy. Surely the election is not as important as saving our country. We need to forget politics until the dangerous times we are experiencing are over. Forget Republican and Democrat. Think freedom.


Potosi, Mo.