Other Alexander County races

Thursday, April 19, 2007

CAIRO, Ill. -- The villages of Alexander County selected trustees and clerks in Tuesday's election, and Thebes elected mayor John Kennedy to a four-year term.

Kennedy deated Yvonne Osorio by an 80-27 vote, winning a full term to the post he gained by appointment in December.

Incumbent village clerk Patricia Hale-Osorio was ousted, losing to Sheila Dodson on an 82-25 vote.

Jon Monahan, Bill Sullivan and Elisa "Lisa" Hale won full terms on the Thebes Board of Trustees, while Kevin Dougherty defeated Joyce Hale by a 79-24 margin for the remainder of an unexpired term on the board.

In East Cape Girardeau, Tracey Johnson was elected clerk without opposition. Rick Smith and David Pearce won board of trustees seats, with a third seat filled by Karen Tatum on the strength of write-in votes.

In Tamms, Lamar Houston, Joseph Merle Dakin and June Christina Smith won the three seats on the ballot. August "Gus" Tribout finished fourth in the voting in Tamms.

Rodney Brown, Ronald Burford and Jerry W. Wilson will hold board seats in McClure. They were the only candidates on the ballot for the three seats available.

-- Rudi Keller

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