Percussion group far from booked, River Campus official says

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The street-percussion extravaganza "STOMP" may not be part of the 2007-2008 season at the River Campus despite prior reports in the Southeast Missourian indicating that it would be.

On March 28 the Southeast Missourian reported "STOMP" would be part of the schedule after a speech to the Tri-State Advertising and Marketing Professionals delivered by Robert Cerchio, assistant director of the Southeast Missouri State University School of Visual and Performing Arts, who books acts for the River Campus.

The Southeast Missourian also printed an editorial Wednesday that included "STOMP" in its discussion of River Campus offerings.

However "STOMP" is far from booked, Cerchio said Wednesday. A season ticket brochure that will be going out to potentially season ticket buyers soon will not include "STOMP," but that doesn't mean the show will not come to the River Campus, Cerchio said.

"The booking of 'STOMP' has been a delicate negotiation from the outset," Cerchio said in an e-mail Wednesday afternoon. "This is an extremely popular show and the demand is high. Unfortunately, since the University had to get the River Campus season ticket brochure to the printer, and since 'STOMP' still may not confirm for several weeks, we just couldn't include it in our 07-08 brochure. We are still in negotiation, and there is at best a 50-50 chance that 'STOMP' will book. It's just that we can't confirm it right now."

Many, but not all, acts scheduled to play during the 2007-2008 River Campus season have been signed to contracts for performance.

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