Speak Out 4/12/07

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Promise to prosecute

I'M TIRED of someone stealing my newspaper at Fort Hope Apartments. You're going to be prosecuted.

Jail excuses

SHERIFF JOHN Jordan said the breach in jail security regarding the federal prisoners was due to inexperience and raises will mean less turnover. Regardless of what you're getting paid, you're supposed to do your best at the job you are hired to do, especially in a jail. If they hadn't gotten their raises, Jordan would have used that as an excuse too.

On-ramp guidance

PAGE 55 of the Missouri driver's guide states: "Entrance ramps are short, one way ramps used to get on the highway. At the end of most ramps is an acceleration lane. Use the ramp and acceleration lane to increase your speed to match the speed of the vehicles on the highway. As you are speeding up, watch for an opening in the highway traffic. Switch on your turn signal, and pull smoothly into traffic. DO NOT stop at the end of the acceleration lane unless traffic is very heavy and you have to stop. Drivers already on the highway should give you room to enter, but if they don't, DO NOT force your way onto the highway. You must yield the right of way to them, even if that means stopping at the end of the acceleration lane."

Speak Out poetry

I HAVE a couple of current-events haikus for Speak Out:

Recalled pet food scare:

Hey China, keep your plastic

out of my kitty.

A B-list celeb

Anna Nicole overdoses

Second-rate Monroe.

Golf over education

IF PERRY County cannot pass a school tax bill for school improvements or a sales tax bill to improve the county jail conditions and security, why would officials agree to a $7 million-plus golf course? What message is this sending to our children? Would they rather have 18 holes of golf or better classroom conditions? It doesn't make sense. I wonder if the $7 million will cover the expenses of widening the one-lane bridge to the planned golf course.

Sikeston's way

ONCE AGAIN Sikestonians in charge have pulled the plug on another revenue issue. I've seen it many times over the last 35 years. Businesses wanted to relocate here and the powers that be found excuses not to work with them, thus losing valuable jobs for our residents. Now we've gone to cutbacks in our county security if something isn't done. It's Sikeston's way or no way.

Bus suggestions

I THINK that the new chief of Cape County Transit needs to decide what he is going to do. There are a lot of people who would like to see improvements like the bus reaching the Red Star district and also the buses run longer like until 10 or 9 p.m. We need someone who will take the job and stay on the job.

Tanker benefits

THIS SOUNDS like more of the bad discussions the city council and mayor of Scott City want to have: limit the tanker traffic away from Scott City even though a lot of the tankers do business in town while they are passing through. Wasn't the city complaining about Nash Road because they don't have a good way to get the firetruck out there? Let's use some common sense. Tankers don't cause problems. They are a benefit.

Challenge to Hillary

IT LOOKS like the Democrats have a tiger by the tail with Nancy Pelosi. Watch out, Hillary. I think Nancy's running for president.

Not the first time

THE BREACH of jail security that occurred was not the first time since it began holding federal inmates. It's more like the third or fourth incident. There were supposed to be changes made after each time, but they never happened. Maybe it's not a good idea for the county jail to hold federal inmates if the administration and staff cannot do their jobs.

Federal power

THE FEDS love to show they rule, taking prisoners out of Cape Girardeau County jail and putting them in less secure jails in different counties. Missouri shouldn't rely on federal money. Then the feds couldn't intimidate us with threats of withholding money from us.

Need new school

SHAME ON the voters in Caruthersville and the insurance company. These students need and deserve a new school. Their lives were torn apart. The high school is beyond repair. Step up to the plate and give your children and their teachers a fresh start.

Full of pork

THE DEMOCRATS should be ashamed of themselves for sending a pork-laden defense bill to the president. Our troops and our voters won't forget this shameful tactic. Maybe this is why our Democrat-controlled Congress has a 20 percent approval rating.

Out of the district

IN MISSOURI, school districts can allow students from outside their district to attend if they pay a set amount to offset the property taxes they do not pay because they are not a resident. I've known two families that did this so their children could attend Cape Girardeau schools. This is not illegal, and it is up to each district. Some districts will allow it as long as there are openings. Others won't allow it at all. Some districts, like Cape and Jackson, allow some people to send their children there without paying while charging others. That's when it becomes an issue for the courts. It's a shame nobody has called Cape and Jackson on it yet.

Criminal acts

LAWBREAKERS BREAK the law, correct, whether it is a traffic violation or breaking and entering or shooting a gun within city limits? The one who thinks the police should catch criminals seems to forget minor traffic violations are also criminal acts.

Lead contamination

IN REFERENCE to the article "Keeping lead contained": According to an online EPA article, "Lead exposure in children causes slowed physical growth, hearing problems, learning difficulties, behavior problems and decreased intelligence." If I were residing close to the Regional Port Authority with my children, I would want to know the transfer routes the trucks carrying the lead concentrate take to reach the port. I would also want to know what measures the port is required to take according to EPA guidelines to ensure the safety of my children.

Scott County plan

WE LET officials know with our vote that we were not in favor of the tax extension in Scott County. Instead of asking what the people want, county officials threaten to cut law enforcement. I don't think the people are against extending the tax. They want to see a plan. Finish the jail and then worry about the archive center. Let's see a tax with an expiration date and a plan of what your going to do with the money.

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