Speak Out 4/5/07

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Shameful approach

TJ GREANEY once again illustrated his naivete by knocking peace-loving Muslims for not speaking out against radical Islamists. That they don't is an urban legend into which young Greaney has apparently bought. In addition, Greaney has no idea what understandable pressure and downright fear of terrorist retaliation emanate from the majority peace-loving Muslim community. Besides, what good does speaking out against it do? Islamic terrorists understand nothing but brute force. Greaney's apparent recommendation of a Gandhi-esque approach to the problem is pitiful, and his censoring of the very small number of Muslims who live in the area served by the Southeast Missourian is shameful.

Safe at home

I WONDER how long it would take for people who say the Iraqi war is not noble to change their mind if they were one of the thousands who were tortured in Saddam's torture chambers. It is easy to criticize when you sit in your nice cozy home in the land of the free.

That's my park

I'D LIKE to see the NCAA tell me what I can or cannot do at a Southeast Missouri State University baseball game when I am sitting in a city park that is paid for with my own tax dollars. Southeast needs to get its own baseball park if it wants to do NCAA crowd control.

Purse returned

IT'S GREAT to live in such a wonderful community. I left my purse in a cart in the Jackson Wal-Mart parking lot and noticed it when I got to Fruitland. I drove back while a friend called to see if someone had found it. Thanks to Rick at Wal-Mart, who moves carts in the parking lot, I've got my purse back safe and sound. I love it here.

Gas prices

I SAW a story this morning on the news that indicated part of the reason for the increase in gas prices is because the oil refineries have gone down early this year for maintenance. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. The story also indicated that the oil companies will be making obscene profits from this rise in prices. Meanwhile, middle-class people like myself and my family are cutting back wherever we can. We only drive when necessary, such as to work. I try to find the cheapest place in town to buy gas. We haven't gone on vacation in several years because that is a luxury. Eventually the gas prices will drop a little, and we will all be so excited because any drop is better than none. However, the bottom line is the rich keep getting richer while the working, middle class keep getting poorer.

Good, cheap service

REGARDING MAIL service: We should be glad that we have the system in place that we have. Look at some other countries. Overall, when I send off anything, it gets there when it's supposed to. It's the cheapest form of delivery.

A good day

I THINK the Missourian deserves the awards it receives. It is so good sometimes. Today is a particularly good day. I love "the Mystery of Judith and Ellen." Wow. Thank you so much. Good writing, Mark Bliss and others.

Making money

I HAVE to say kudos to the Indians for their inventive skywalk over the Grand Canyon, providing it doesn't fall down. I get so many letters from the Indian reservations asking for help. I'm glad they came up with a way to solve their own problems, because there's only so much that all of us out here can do. I thought the price they were going to charge was a little excessive however for going on a skywalk to look over.

Waitress is a hero

About the waitress who acted quickly to help the driver of the tanker truck after it exploded: She did an excellent job and should be hailed as a hero.

New trees, bench paint

I know the city is short on funds, but couldn't it please plant some trees in the front of the courthouse to replace the ones cut down, especially at the bottom of the steps? It makes the front look bare without the beautiful blooming spring trees that were there before. The benches could use a paint job. These small upgrades could greatly improve the appearance for the tourists and visitors who come to view the courthouse and downtown area.

Start writing tickets

IT'S BEEN raining about all day, and I've been driving in this rain. Missouri passed that law a couple years ago requiring headlights to be on when windshield wipers are on. I've seen more people today running without their headlights on than ever. I'd like to know when Missouri is going to start writing tickets.

Expensive well

WHY IS the whole Millersville Water District having to pay to provide Hidden Valley a new well? Why can't the residents of that area dig their own well? A $15 a month raise is a lot, especially for the elderly who are not even using their 2,000 gallons.

Good work, officer

I'M A Chaffee resident who wants to let all of Southeast Missouri know how much I appreciated the assistance I received. I needed the assistance of the Chaffee police, and officer Rice came to my assistance. I've never seen such a well-mannered and well-informed officer in my life. I am so very grateful to him the way he handled the situation in such a mannerly way to both parties. He did his job. He made the point. I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

No pay for cleanup

WHAT A great idea having the inmates out cleaning up the roadways. They should do more things like that, doing some work and benefitting the community. But paying them to do this? Give me a break. Our company volunteers to clean up the roadways. We aren't paid. Why should prisoners be paid to do that?

Revolving climate

THERE WAS global warming millions of years ago. Then we had global freezing. So we're going to have global warming again, and then we will have global freezing again. I don't know why this is so hard to understand. It's happened before. It will happen again. You can thank God for that. He created the world.

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