Miss Missouri

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Amber Seyer

"It was the most fabulous miserable experience of my life," Amber Seyer said, a few days after returning to her hometown of Oran from Los Angeles, where she competed in the Miss USA pageant.

Seyer, the 20-year-old Miss Missouri, was referring to the chilly temperature maintained during the pageant, where contestants paraded about for most of the four hours in evening gowns and bikinis. Most memorable experiences are fabulous and miserable at the same time.

Seyer finished in the top 10, got attention from pageant owner Donald Trump and appeared in the NBC game show "Identity" while in L.A. "Identity" contestants had a hard time guessing her background working on the Seyer family pig farm. She also made modeling contacts she hopes will help her in her career.

The Seyer clan is justifiably proud of her, as is Oran, where a billboard now proclaims it's Miss Missouri's hometown. Way to go, Amber.

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