Speak Out 3/30/07

Friday, March 30, 2007

'Warming Swindle'

ONE CALLER mentioned the movie "The Great Global Warming Swindle." This movie is actually available for anyone to watch on YouTube. All you have to do is go to youtube.com and in the search box type in "the great global warming swindle" and the movie will be available to you. It is about one hour and 15 minutes long and is informative. I think it's always good to have both sides of the story so you can make an informed decision.

Garish displays

SOME HOLIDAY decorators seem to enjoy seeing how many plastic items can be attached to their houses, pushed into their planters, hung from the trees, draped on the mailboxes and strewn all over their yards. Have they not heard the saying "less is more"? This garish display can be avoided by traveling other streets but the poor neighbors that live around them have to look at that mess everyday.

On-ramp rules

I AM a truck driver who lives here in Cape Girardeau and works for a local company. I'm responding to the person who's complaining about truck drivers not yielding on the interstate. That person needs to get out their handbook and refresh their memory concerning the rules of engagement from on-ramps and interstate traffic. They will find that the interstate traffic has the right of way and the traffic from the on-ramp has the responsibility to yield right of way to the traffic on the interstate. That person is completely wrong in their viewpoint about thinking that interstate drivers in big trucks or whatever kind of vehicle need to yield to them coming on from the on-ramp. That is completely wrong.

Smoke in your eyes

I BELIEVE that anyone who smokes cigarettes should have to do it with a fish bowl on their head. Trust me, most of them would still smoke anyway.

Scofflaws on the roads

WHY CAN'T we obey the law? The right turn from Siemers Drive onto Route K in Cape Girardeau was changed awhile back from a blinking red light to a no-turn-on-red stoplight. To make sure people noticed, they added two stoplights and four no-turn-on-red signs. Yet people refuse to obey and blatantly run the light to beat the oncoming traffic. The change was made for a reason, and running red lights anywhere is dangerous. Surely a right arrow with an X through it isn't that confusing. If people can't stop running the light, maybe we should police it a little more.

Snail mail

THE PERSON calling about the postal processing has a point, but wouldn't it be more effective to call Washington, D.C., or write a letter vs. Speak Out? I mean, there's not a lot Speak Out can do. When you send mail to a big city like St. Louis, the processing isn't any quicker. In fact, it's slower. I don't know what happens between here and Nashville but mail takes it a good six days to get there.


I'M SO tired of hearing Anna Nicole Smith referred to as a former Playboy Playmate as if this is something to be proud of. I think it would have been better if they had said the former pseudocelebrity, which is what she was because she apparently would have been too drugged up to ever work as a serious actress.

Law and disorder

SOMEONE IS suggesting cell phone companies should be responsible for the use of their products after they are sold? The comment "there needs to be a law" used to be so popular a saying, usually said tongue in cheek. When we hear or read that statement now it's almost downright scary. Maybe "there ought to be a law" against more laws.

DUI's bottom line

THE LADY arrested for DUI while inside a store did not say whether she had to take the test for blood alcohol, but we must assume she did. In this case, it appears she must have been under the influence, had just driven to the store and apparently had her children in the car with her. It is a sad situation for her and the children. The bottom line, though, is just one DUI charge can almost destroy a person's life for years to come.

Doctors for elderly

I'M A resident of Cape Girardeau and wondering why there's no doctor in this town who does accept Medicaid for the elderly people who can't afford to pay the high prices doctors charge nowadays.

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