Letter to the Editor

Ethanol's impact on area residents

Thursday, March 29, 2007

To the editor:I am a concerned resident of Scott City who feels that it is not as positive as all are led to believe on ethanol production. I have been told a new ethanol plant is being built in the vicinity of my home. I am told the plants emit a lot of pollution and have a terrible smell. So you can imagine why I am concerned.

However, this is not only my problem. It is also a problem for Scott City, Thebes, Ill., and Cape Girardeau. The stench of these types of plants can be easily described by residents near existing plants. The leaders of these communities need to look into the negative impact on the living conditions these plants will produce. The Internet is a great tool for this type of research. All you have to do is type in "negative impacts of ethanol production" on your search engine. I can honestly say this information will give the voting public a different point of view other than what the investors of these plants want you to believe.

I hope this will spark some attention on this issue other than all the hype of how great these plants are. The question you need to ask yourself: Are 50 jobs worth a lifetime of air pollution and exposure to an awful smell? I hope this letter serves as a wake-up call to all citizens of Cape Girardeau and surrounding areas.