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Friday, September 12, 2003

Highway is a disgrace

FOR THE first time this year, MoDOT has finally mowed along Highway 177 north of town. I do not know which looks worse: when the weeds are as tall as your car, or after they mow and all of the trash is scattered. We were in Illinois a couple of weekends ago on Highway 3. It looked much better. Highway 177 is a disgrace.

That racing feel

PLEASE DO not change things at the intersection of Mount Auburn Road and Independence Street. I suspect I'm not the only one who likes the feel of what it must be like to drive in the Grand Prix.

Make time to nurture

MY CHILD qualifies to receive a free lunch at her school. Why should I be offended that the students are grouped as they are? I can certainly understand how lower income can equal lower scores. I couldn't afford to send my child to a fancy pre-school. I can't afford to go out and buy good books for her to read at home. And the stress of making ends meet makes it a challenge to want to sit down with her at night and read stories. But I manage. I found a good in-home preschool. I buy books at sales. And I love my daughter enough to make time to read and nurture her every evening.

School experience

I JUST read the comment about a girl who is afraid to go to school. I can understand where she is coming from. I graduated just a few years ago from Central High School, and there are a lot of kids who simply went to school because they had to. They wandered the halls doing whatever they wanted to do and being as loud as they wanted to be. The teachers were afraid of them. I can remember many times where kids would get picked on in gym class. Unless you were a football meathead, the coach just looked the other way. Something should be done about this.

Divisive method

THE SOUTHEAST Missourian is not to blame for its recent article singling out the test scores of lower-income and disabled students. This is mandated by the No Child Left Behind Act championed by President Bush. This is another example of how the Bush administration divides us as a country and turns one group against the other. Look into NCLB and you will see exactly how ridiculous it is.

Lovable pit bull

MY DAUGHTER has a 2-year-old pit bull. She got the dog when it was 6 weeks old and has given it love and attention, not trained it to be an attack dog. The result is one of the kindest, most lovable animals anyone could have for a companion. Do not condemn all pit bulls by the actions of some. It is how the dog is trained, not the animal itself.

Look while driving

OUR ROADS would be a lot safer if people would actually look out their windows when driving. We all could drive 90 mph if we didn't talk on the cell phone, play with the radio and watch our speedometer. This is why I'm opposed to any type of automated traffic law enforcement. People will be too busy looking for the device or watching the speed to actually pay attention to what is going on around them.

True leadership

WHO WANTS to pay for bringing stability to Iraq? I do. And I suggest America and the Western world should do it deep and well. There is a historic opportunity to strike against terrorism and bring peace to the most problematic corner of the world. This makes our lives safer and more free. The alternative is not saving money. The alternative is seeing more terrorism in the United States, which preceded President Bush and was not caused by him. Bush's consistent actions represent true leadership and are contrasted against college professors and irresponsible political aspirants who thrive on political attack at the expense of constructive advocacy.

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