Letter to the Editor

Most of us can overcome tribulations

Friday, September 12, 2003

To the editor:

People are wonderful. Each day brings me closer to that truth.

I never cease to be impressed at the amount of stamina, courage, strength and determination shown by millions who were victims of the 2003 blackout, possibly the most extensive power outage in history for much of the nation. Definite answers for the cause plus a solution are yet to be determined. Sharp minds, I am sure, will correct whatever problem exists.

So much credit is due the number of people who helped those in a difficult situation. Possibly the most disturbing episode was the 11-year-old girl trapped in an elevator alone for many hours. Tense moments were felt in the time taken to free her.

The loss of food cause by the outage, which ran into the millions of dollars, could never be equal to the 9-11 tragedy. Lives cannot be replaced ever. Food can, in time.

We have conquered many things thus far. I have great confidence we will continue. It is good to keep on the positive side of thinking. That is what I like to do, and it works every time -- well, almost.


Cape Girardeau