Wild turkey struck by car to get moment of silence at church

Sunday, March 18, 2007

WALES TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- A church was planning a Sunday moment of silence for what the pastor called a model member of his congregation: a wild turkey.

The turkey, which died last week after being hit by a car, regularly attended Sunday services and greeted people as they arrived, said the Rev. James Huff, pastor of Lambs United Methodist Church in St. Clair County.

"He would kind of wait for me to come in," Huff told the Times Herald of Port Huron. "He knew when I got there. Service was about to begin, and then he would sit on one lady's car until we were done."

The animal had been hanging around since late last year and quickly became known for its fearless attitude. Some people said it showed up every morning at the community's bus stop and chased children. Others enjoyed watching the bird strut down the street, trying to impress female turkeys.

"We've got so many pictures of it," said Douglas Bishop, the church's music director. "It was like our mascot."

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