Speak Out 3/18/07

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Frivolous spending

HOW COULD our U.S. representative sit by and let the new federal courthouse plan two fitness centers? There's no reason for these to be in this building. These people do not have time. They're not here in town long enough to use them. They would have to be people using it during their work hours. This money would have been much better spent at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. This is why taxes are as high as they are. It's a shame the money's wasted on frivolous things of this type.

Military math

SOMEONE ASKED why the Democrats aren't calling for a timetable to pull out of Bosnia, Germany and Japan. The reason is because there have not been 3,000-plus American soldiers die in all of these countries combined. Do the math.

Not represented

WHY ISN'T Jackson High School represented at the Southeast Missouri Regional Science Fair? Doesn't Jackson High School want its students to excel?

Time for action

I AGREE wholeheartedly that our government is no longer for the American people. The federal government seems to take pleasure in persecuting its citizens. People have to start writing their legislators. If they won't do anything, vote them out of office. We can turn this around if people get out and vote.

Watching airplanes

I LOVE TJ Greaney's columns. He's funny and entertaining. I see just what he means by the airplanes. I have been fascinated by them from the time I was a child. When I first moved here 20 years ago, the very first place I took myself and son was to Lambert Airport just to watch the airplanes going up and down. It's so thrilling.

Thanks for checkbook

THANK YOU to the kind man who found my checkbook on the parking lot at Aldi's. May you be blessed with good fortune, good health and much happiness. You have my deep gratitude.

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