Letter to the Editor

Where can you get entire story?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

To the editor:A recent "60 Minutes" episode has become normal among the mainstream news. The story tried to get us to believe that most of the military is strongly against the war. (They are against losing the war -- yes). This set off a firestorm of protest among military families.

The evening news in times gone by used to be fair and unbiased. For the most part the local news is pretty good, but the national news is a different story. And there lies the problem. Many sincere people are being purposely misled, and they are not even aware of it.

So where can you go to get the entire story? Start with the Fox News network. Then you can listen to AM 960 radio.

I do my best to please the Lord. I have listened to AM 960 radio from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., and I am in awe at the true Christian overtones and thought pattern that you hear on these programs. I do not agree with all that is said, but at least the station promotes moral agendas.

I would like to challenge anyone who claims to be a Christian to listen to this radio station at these times. Turn off the national news and watch Fox News for a change. Do this only if you follow the Lord 100 percent and want what is best for this nation.

GERARD MACKE, Leopold, Mo.