Speak Out 3/13/07

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Road to victory

I STILL support the president. Our soldiers' lives will only be wasted if Democrats are allowed to succeed in their efforts to lead us to defeat in Iraq. Democrats in the media like to blame the president's low poll numbers on the war in Iraq, but that's not exactly true. Republicans would be much more supportive of the president if he would punish businesses that hire illegals, secure our borders and release the generals so we can win in Iraq.

Burning up fuel

I'M ALWAYS fascinated with TJ Greaney's loose interpretation of the facts. He claims that about 30 people showed up at the recent global-warming discussion. I counted 21 attendees including the organizer and myself. Among the vehicles that were driven to the event by the attendees there was not a single hybrid, but there were no fewer than seven SUVs, and I saw only two groups that carpooled.

Do, don't talk

I AM tired of picking up fast-food trash, empty cans, bottles and cigarette butts from my yard and the street in front of my home every morning. Please, city leaders and law enforcement, do something to clean up the city instead of just talking.

Children run wild

WHEN DID it become OK for parents to allow their children to run wild in a store. I have worked in retail for two years. I see children running around, jumping off seats, trying on clothes and throwing them all over the floor, throwing trash on the floor, smearing their hands on the mirrors, going into our storage room, going behind the cashier stand and wrestling and almost knocking over other customers. All the while the parents ignore them.

Tragic decision

SO OUR wise city officials want to get rid of our air taxi to St. Louis and have us fly to Ohio instead? What a tragic decision for this city. Back to driving two hours to Lambert to catch a flight instead of flying from Cape Girardeau.

No need for draft

WHY HAVE a draft when there are more than enough volunteers? Liberals in Congress are trying to keep the soldiers at home from going there. Should we draft people to not do anything so we have a bigger government payroll?

Positive changes

WHY AREN'T the Democrats doing anything about these rising gasoline prices? Democrats attacked Republicans for taking care of their rich oil friends prior to the November elections, but who are the Democrats protecting? Not us. Maybe instead of fooling around with nonbinding resolutions they could make some positive changes. If they don't, they'll be thrown out in two years.

Credit overcharges

KEEP YOUR debit-card and credit-card receipts from restaurants. Three times in on year have I found overcharges. One restaurant charged me for two meals, and the other two added an additional tip. After calling to get it straightened, I received a half-hearted apology from one and no apology from the other two.

Long time to wait

DOES ANYONE realize these small commuter planes do not have bathrooms? What will we do without a restroom for an hour and ahalf?

Look at a map

REGARDING CITY officials asking the FAA for air service to Cincinnati: What are these people thinking? Do they own a map or know how horrible a turbo-prop plane trip that would be? I hope they have plenty of sick bags on the plane. And the airport is in Kentucky, not Ohio.

We get no respect

THIS IS the only little city I've been in that does not respect joggers and bikers. You would think that anytime you see a jogger you would give him a little space. We use sidewalks if they're around and the trail isn't lighted, so what are we to do?

How did they vote?

VETERANS, ASK your senators and representative how they voted on the last budget for the Veterans Administration. Seems the talking point for the nation has been support our troops, but not if it costs us any taxes. We will build hospitals, schools and refineries in Iraq, but to hell with our injured.

Business as usual

SCHOOL TAX credits to send urban kids to private schools were beaten in the Republican-controlled Missouri House. Are you surprised? You shouldn't be. Regardless of which party controls the state legislature, business as usual always wins out.

Pardon's message

AS AN independent I am amazed some Republicans are calling for the president to pardon Scooter Libby. I was at odds with the Democrats when President Clinton was impeached. The Republicans said we are a country of laws, and telling the truth under oath is the cornerstone of our justice system. Why is this different? If the president pardons Libby, it adds to the perception that he doesn't care about our justice system, just his friends. And if the Republicans don't like this trial, how will they react the next time a Democrat does the same thing? You can't have it both ways.

Tattoo generation

I AM confident I will not be the least bit ostracized or cheapened by my choice to tattoo my body. The generation that sees tattoos and piercings as unacceptable is on the way out. Simply put, my generation will hold no judgment, because the majority of us are tattooed and pierced.

Longstanding mess

PUBLIC OPINION can be persuaded by national media. Ever since I was a young boy 40 years ago, I always heard the health care at a VA hospital is horrible and many vets pay out of their own pocket for health care instead of getting free care at the VA. Now the media are trying to pin the Walter Reed Army Medical Center mess on the president. How about pinning it on every president since the Vietnam War?

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