Letter to the Editor

Cape needs affordable transportation

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

To the editor:

It's about time a true study of the transportation needs of Cape Girardeau were made. I applaud the mayor, city council and other esteemed leaders on their decision to study the issue.

I have had many people for whom I have great respect say a bus system didn't work 30 years ago and won't work now. Thirty years ago there weren't cell phones or personal computers. If we want to be looked at as a progressive city, we must act like a progressive city.

We need affordable transportation. One way to pay for this type of transportation is to allow businesses to pay for advertising space on transit vehicles.

Tourists usually stop at the mall and Wal-Mart but do not venture downtown. A fixed transportation route could serve tourism as well as everyday needs of the community.

I know studies have been done before, and I hate studies that never seem to change things. I have been on boards discussing this issue for years without any movement. I know I am passionate about this issue, because I am passionate about our city. I love Cape Girardeau and am proud to be a part of this wonderful community. Our center serves Cape Girardeau County, including Jackson, and I thank Jackson leaders for being so forward thinking as well. The two cities would do well to work together on this issue.


Executive Director

SEMO Alliance

for Disability Independence

Cape Girardeau