Speak Out 3/10/07

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Shutting business

OSHA IS punishing business owners, but it is also hurting employees. I work for a small contracting firm. My boss has already informed us that if he gets hit by a fine, he will have to close down. I like my job and my work. I can't believe the government has nothing better to do.

Musical wish

IT WOULD be nice if Nashville and some of the rock 'n' rollers would diversify their music. Back in the 1960s there was a lot of good music that was diverse. A lot of elements of music being left out today.

Too many monuments

I GET letters wanting donations for memorials. I got one from the wounded and blind veterans for a memorial in Washington. How many memorials do we need? Some are important, but it seems like every group wants a memorial. It's ridiculous. There's a point when these monuments need to stop. I certainly don't want to go to Washington with all these monuments. In the end they won't mean anything.

Low-paying jobs

It CONTINUES to surprise me how some people bury their heads in the sand. Someone said this is the best economy we've ever had. I hate to say it, but under President Clinton we had the best economy we ever had. There are more people working now than in the Clinton years. What kind of jobs? Not quality jobs, because all the quality jobs are gone. Big plants are closing. Most Americans want more than minimum wage.

Worse than smoking

SOMEONE asked if anything could be more sad than a beautiful woman putting a cigarette in her mouth. Something is more sad than that -- and wrong too -- is a woman, beautiful or otherwise, having an abortion.

Following the law

I'M IN full agreement with Jackson Mayor Paul Sander in regard to following ordinances that are already on the books. Over the years, the board of aldermen has ignored this fact. I'm glad to see Mayor Sander taking a stand and vetoing a vote that was wrong. It's amazing how a few unhappy citizens who didn't get their way have to pitch a fit. Whatever Sander's intention was on the matter is beside the point. The ordinances are the way they are for a reason and should be followed. They are to benefit all of Jackson residents, not just a select few.

Beautiful campus

IF PEOPLE are so concerned that Southeast Missouri State University is spending too much money on making it a nice place to attend, perhaps they should send their children to community colleges. They're cheaper, and their administrators don't do a whole lot to enhance their appearance. I have never before seen citizens complain when a university spends money to spruce up its campus. Southeast's campus is beautiful. It reflects well on the community.

Not logical

AIR CONNECTIONS to Cincinnati from Cape Girardeau? How convenient is that? If you work for Procter & Gamble, maybe. If you don't, not very. Is this the best our airport and community can come up with? Memphis would have been a better choice than Cincinnati. Any logical person will not fly out of Cape to Cincinnati to get a connection. St. Louis or Memphis are really the only logical options.

Enforce city ordinances

JACKSON DEVELOPER Ron Clark agreed to build a street extension as part of his subdivision permit. Just because Clark now can't pay for the street doesn't mean our city government shouldn't enforce our ordinances.

The Coulter cycle

THE ANN Coulter cycle: A conservative group invites her to speak. Not surprisingly, she says something obnoxious and derogatory. Mainstream Republicans act shocked and denounce her comments. Coulter, through Fox News, then portrays herself as a victim. A few months later another conservative group invites her to speak, and the whole process starts again.

No mudslinging

MAYOR PAUL Sander is a good man who has helped Jackson improve by leaps and bounds. I know, because I've lived in Jackson for more than 35 years. Developer Ron Clark and his allies should avoid slinging mud or face the retaliation of people like me who would otherwise sit idly by. It's a shame that Clark and his friends would attack such a fine man at the end of his career for merely enforcing the standards that our board of aldermen were too weak or misguided to enforce.

Defending little guys

I'M TIRED of the Jackson Board of Aldermen siding with developers over individuals. I expect to be represented equally and fairly. Jackson is blessed to be a great community. Please don't let special-interest groups take it over. Thanks you, Mayor Paul Sander, for standing up for us little guys.

Just a sample

I'VE NOTICED many people are quite outraged at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center's poor treatment of injured soldiers. I can't understand why. After all, it's what everybody wants. Welcome to the world of nationalized health care.

Short-term gain

MAKING CORN into ethanol is not the answer to this planet's need for alternative fuel. It's a quick moneymaker for the farmers, but will not last long.

Wrong hub

I CAN'T believe the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport is even considering connecting to Cincinnati instead of St. Louis. With flights canceled on a regular basis from St. Louis, I can rent a car or use a van service and still get home. This would be difficult from the Cincinnati hub. I am a loyal American Airlines customer and do not want to switch to Delta.

Keep St. Louis hub

I CANNOT see how a long flight to Cincinnati will improve boardings at Cape Girardeau. St. Louis should be our hub, period. To structure service around Procter & Gamble employees will be to the detriment of other passengers.

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