Letter to the Editor

Removing tattoos costs a lot

To the editor:How do you like to see tattoos on women? No? Well, neither do I. Fads come and go, but that does not include tattoos. A popular magazine, Oklahoma Today, questioned a number of men, and guess what it found? The majority least preferred girls with tattoos or body piercings. Doesn't that give you a different slant on a fad that strips a girl of her femininity and shows a tendency to cheapen her? Of course, it does. Others think the same.

Recently, a group of fashion models were seen on television. Not a one had any kind of tattoo, I salute them as well as the elite who also show no favor. Tattoos got their start many years ago largely by men of hard character and strong will. The use increased so much that today they have become a fad. Men are often seen with both arms completely tattooed. It definitely appears ugly, even vulgar.

One thing stands for sure. Should you in time wish to have a tattoo removed, you had better have a pocket full of money, because it is going to take a lot more than that pocket ever held before. We live and learn. Sometimes it can be the hard way. That is when we lose all the pleasure we had in getting a tattoo and find out it costs a lot more to get rid of then to get. Am I right? You bet I am.

PAULA E. KEMPE, Cape Girardeau