Speak Out A 09/08/03

Monday, September 8, 2003

Hinckley's privileges

AM I the only person who thinks it's crazy that John Hinckley wants unsupervised visits to his parents' house? It looks like he's had supervised visits to his parents' home since 1999. I don't know how many others charged with trying to kill the president we would let out to visit their families. This sounds like the Hinckley money is buying special privileges from the government. I am offended by that. The law should be the law for everybody.

Tragedy prevented

ANYONE WHO believes that a pit bull is a harmless pet should have witnessed the attempted attack on a 5-year-old playing in her driveway. Only the quick intervention of a neighbor prevented a tragedy.

Safer speeds

ANY SANE person should prefer to be on a highway with people going 60 mph and watching their speed rather than being on a highway with people going 90 mph and not bothering to keep track of their speed.

Too many Pharisees

THE PHARISEES who wear crosses around their necks are Christian impostors. Pharisees of Judaism disobeyed Yahweh. Now descendants of both are betraying God once again. Those who sincerely believe will not accept our methodical demise without a final conflict. The lines are drawn, and anyone with eyes to see knows that President Bush has been AWOL over the Ten Commandments-states' rights issue. He's just another Pharisee in service of the state. Is the federal government more important than the law given to man?

Parents: Help out

MEET-THE-PARENTS night is just that: meeting them. A new teacher should be applauded for trying to put parents at ease by telling them he has a specific agenda for the school year. Teachers are not a dime a dozen anymore, so help out all you can, parents. You are lucky your child has a qualified educator.

Keep our traditions

REGARDING Homecomers in Jackson: Too many traditions are being wiped out, and it is a shame. Change for change's sake isn't necessarily good.

Enforce the limits

WE NEED no more speed laws, just enforcement of the ones we have. Driving south of Cape Girardeau, one encounters a 50-mph zone at the Diversion Channel. When I am doing 50 mph and am passed by vehicles, including trucks like I was sitting still, I wonder why there isn't an automatic speed detector to take care of those offenders. Not only are the speed limits there for the safety of construction crews, but for all who are driving in a confined area and on an extremely rough road.

Governing an empire

IRAQ IS an artificial construct created by the British many decades ago. Like ancient Gaul (France), it is divided into three groups. However, contrary to a Speak Out caller's view, Iraq can be held together if America doesn't shy away from the obligation of governing the empire it has created.

A heavy load

PERHAPS PUBLIC schools do a good job with students who are challenged in one way or another. However, given the recent MAP results, it would seem as those who attempt to help challenged students may have too heavy a load.

Sports and academics

IN THESE days of budget problems at universities, I have to wonder how much money would be available for academics if all the athletic departments with problem athletes were eliminated. There has got to be a lot of money and man-hours spent on trying to make excuses, apologies and NCAA reports to squirm out of all the problems caused by players who have no business being in college and have no respect for learning and the opportunity given to them.

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