Letter to the Editor

It will take time to rebuild Iraq in wake of war

Monday, September 8, 2003

To the editor:

In this time of instant communications and microwave dinners, many Americans have become complacent and accustomed to having everything on demand. However, many facts of life do not work that way. War is still war, and rebuilding thereafter still takes time and the will to see it through.

What is happening in Iraq is not new in American military history. After the Allies accepted Germany's surrender to end the war in Europe in 1945, it took years to rebuild and to get that country up and running independently. But the Allies had to take measures to defeat resistance from various German groups. Organizations like the Werewolves were bred by the dying Nazi regime to hamper the Allied occupation of Germany, and our military personnel took casualties from this resistance.

Do not let negative media coverage of Iraq sway your belief in our military and this country. There are many positive things happening in Iraq which are not being reported in the media. The vast majority of the Iraqi people are grateful to be liberated and to start receiving food, water, medical supplies and electricity. Soon they will be able to vote on their own constitution.

No one ever said freedom was free. Over the years of American history, many young men and women have given the last full measure of devotion upon the altar of freedom for this country. We must remain resolved to the task remaining before us in Iraq.


Farmington, Mo.