Letter to the Editor

There's only one way to get to heaven

Monday, September 8, 2003

To the editor:

Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire because of wickedness and homosexuality. That kind of lifestyle is an abomination to God.

Billy Graham says we are in a huge religious upswing. We are, but there is a difference between religion and Christianity. Only a born-again Christian will pass through that narrow gate. Religious people think it is OK to drink, curse, smoke, have long hair and be homosexual or lesbian or anything else they want to do. But in God's Word, it says if you are a new person, and these things won't be on your want-to-do list.

There are many false doctrines, even those that think a person can get out of hell. But God's Word says there is a great gulf, and once you are there, it is forever.

This is what is so troubling to a Christian: knowing there are so many people going to hell. And God's Word says ignorance will not be an excuse. If you are sincerely born again, it is for eternity. God doesn't send anyone to hell. God sent his son and paid the price with his precious blood to make it possible for everyone to escape hell. But too many people today like what this world has to offer and will miss the greatest blessing of all. Don't argue with this letter. Go to God's Word.


Leopold, Mo.