Speak Out 2/27/07

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bailing out

THE BRITISH are running. The British are running. Our president has all these allies in Iraq, but the British are bailing out by the thousands. If your so-called allies are talking about bailing out, how can you talk about a surge in manpower? If you can't do any better than that about having friends, you don't need any enemies.

Helping one another

I AM not asking for a handout on health care, just an affordable plan. I am more than willing to pay my part if there is something a single parent could afford. Living on one income is tough. I live on Medicaid or food stamps, so asking an employer to help provide part of my coverage as at benefit is not asking for a handout, just a little help. Isn't this what this country is about? Helping one another out?

Time for support

I AM tired of hearing people bad-mouth our president and the war in Iraq. Everyone was so patriotic after 9-11. Now it seems that it isn't respectable to be patriotic. You may not have to support the war 100 percent, and you may not support the president 100 percent. But support your country. I believe we elected President Bush to make the decisions for us, and he is doing the best he can. Support that.

Worst presidents

I'VE BEEN reading a magazine listing the 10 worst presidents in the United States. Only two were Democrats, five were Republicans and three were Whigs, which was a predecessor of the Republican Party. President Bush better be careful of he will join Herbert Hoover, Richard Nixon, Ulysses Grant and others who were pretty much sleazeballs.

Doing its job

NOW WHAT do you people in Jackson think of the bomb scare at the courthouse? The two men who threatened the bomb were from the Gibson Recovery Center in Cape Girardeau. So please stay off the Revival Center and quit trying to rezone it out of existence. It is doing a great job. Please help with your prayers and monetary gifts.

Preschool advantage

HEAD START helps the poor, but it doesn't help the middle class. It's not fair that somehow because you're poor your children deserve a better education. There's a vast difference between my children who had preschool and those who didn't. Preschool really does work. I had to pay for preschool because we fell into the middle-class category. When we were first starting out with children, we didn't feel like we could afford preschool. As a result, my other children were not scholastically inclined and were not developmentally ready for school. Head Start gives an unfair advantage to the poor. If I had to do it over again, I would have sent all of my children to preschool.

Heating up

I HAVE a son who overheats and he rarely wears a coat. A hat would be completely out of the question for him. He rarely gets sick. Our bodies regulate differently.

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