Building Permits

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Commercial building permits recorded at the Cape Girardeau Division of Inspection Services Office during January

* Columbia Construction Corp., 1080 Silver Springs Road, Phillip B. Smith-Architect, new building (Career and Technology Center), $1,400,000

* Saint Francis Medical Center, 211 Saint Francis Drive, Jens Brammer-Architect, remodel (Heart Institute), $125,000

* R.H. Montgomery Properties, 2857 Cape La Croix Road, Larry Nelson-Architect, new building (CapeTown Patio Homes Clubhouse), $155,040

* Columbia Construction Corp., 137 S. Broadview, Phillip B. Smith-Architect, remodel (IRS), $40,000

* Penzel Construction Co., 430 Broadway, Penzel Construction Co., remodel (former Concord Publishing building), $93,000

* Columbia Construction Co., 1129 Broadway, Phillip B. Smith-Architect, remodel (Paglia's Pizza), $105,000

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