Letter to the Editor

Volunteers improve a community

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

To the editor:As it happens in many small towns, much of the news concentrates on its problems, tragedies and disappointments. As case in point is my hometown of Chaffee, Mo. My letter is to acquaint you with one of its seldom mentioned and worthwhile accomplishments. It is the Retired Senior Volunteer Program. This project originated here in 1973. I have been privileged to participate since 1980.

Volunteers help in various ways. One instance is the Chaffee Nursing Center, where volunteers regularly help entertain the residents. The historical museum is staffed by volunteers. Several church and school offices benefit from the services of volunteers. Anywhere a volunteer can plug a gap, you will find a cheerful giver of that valuable commodity: time.

I am excited to learn that the Volunteer Intergenerational Center is expanding into the Scott County region. I feel our younger population was to get more involved in the community and realize how important volunteerism is.

My years as a volunteer have been a second career for me. I feel that not only do volunteers help others, but they are still paying rent for the space they occupy here on earth.